Test the installation

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Now, if you open your browser to (depending on your installation):

You should see a page offering to test your installation. Naturally, seeing this page at all is a basic test of your installation. Beyond that, if you press the green "Launch Test#" button, this tool will perform some check and verify your APE server is correctly set up and help you to find what is going wrong if it is not.

This tool will perform some check and verify your APE server is correctly setup and help you to find what is going wrong.

#An overview of errors reported by te "Check Tool".

##Can't load APE JSF Make sure that the APE.Config.baseURL is pointing to an existing ape-jsf (ape javascript framework) map on your server. Check your ape.conf file for the following line:

APE.Config.baseUrl = 'http://yourdomain.ext/ape/ape-jsf'; //APE JSF

Don't forget to add ape-jsf to the URL and make sure you are using the right case. Make sure you are not using Firefox's plugins such as NoScript, which prevent some request to be done. Or configure them properly.

##Your variable APE.Config.baseUrl is wrong in Demos/config.js. Please change it to point to APE JSF directory on your webserver If you are sure that the URL in your settings valid and works when entered in the URL bar of your browser, then check if you have a virtualHost directive in your apache configuration.

<VirtualHost *>
        Servername yourdomain.com
        ServerAlias ape.yourdomain.com
        ServerAlias *.ape.yourdomain.com
        DocumentRoot "path/to/the/root/of/webserver/"

This VirtualHost directive makes sure that all traffic to *.ape.yourserver.ext and ape.yourserver.ext are pointed to the correct webroot where the APE_JSF can be found.

##Can't login to APE server Probably there is something wrong in a serverside js file. Use Firebug to see what response comes from the ape server and act accordingly. for example the following error may occur:


Probably you added a Ape.registerHookCmd() function to the connect command that doesn't receive the right amount of arguments. Try commenting out parts of the serverside javascript you altered, or restore that file to default.

##Connection etablished but something went wrong The solution depends on what went wrong. You should receive an error response.

document.domain mismatch

Check that the domain value in ape.conf is the same as the domain value in the included ape-jsf javascript file. Both should have the same value of auto or the used domain. (including subdomain#) in ape.conf:

Server {
    port = 6969
    daemon = no
    ip_listen =
    ip_local =
    domain = auto        <----------------------------------------------this value ...
    rlimit_nofile = 10000
    pid_file = /var/run/aped.pid

in your included ape-jsf javascript file:

APE.Config.baseUrl = 'http://something.local/ape/ape-jsf/'; //APE JSF 
APE.Config.domain = 'auto'; <---------------------should be the same as this value
APE.Config.server = 'something.local:6969'; //APE server URL

IMPORTANT restart ape after you made changes to the ape.conf file

##Connection but error after connect with BAD_CMD


Make sure you have all your *.ape subdomains set up, such as *.ape or 0.ape.yourdomain.com, 1.ape.yourdomain.com, ..., 9.ape.yourdomain.com. You can ping the domains to make sure they are resolving to the proper IP address.

If you have some issue, you might want to check this page: Troubleshooting

Now what?

Now you can try the APE demo, hack it and read some APE Tutorial. Let your imagination do cool things :)