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Your APE Server does not want to be launched ? Following, are some clues to help you solve your problem. You may want to make sure your installation is correctly set up first: APE-Project Configuration

#I got a [ERR] Can't find username when I launch ./aped That's because APE can't find the username that's defined in the ape.conf file, on which the APE Server will be launch. Just edit your APE Configuration File (./bin/ape.conf) and put an existing username on your machine. You can also first create an username (i.e. apeuser) and assign it in the configuration file.

Example :

uid {
  user = apeuser
  group = apeuser

If you still get the same error after being sure your user exists, check if the rlimit_nofile option is still on the ape.conf :

Server {
  rlimit_nofile = 65536

#I got an ERREUR: bind(80) (non-root ?).. (src/sock.c line: 68) There is 3 ways to get that error :

  • APE is already running (try execute ps aux ]( grep aped to see if the process is launched).
  • Another application is using the port (in this example, port 80). It could be apache using that port.
  • You're not launching APE as root.

#I got a segfault. What should I do? First, if you are using APE 1.0 try updating to the git version. The git version fix many segfaults and bugs. If it still occurs, report a bug on the bugtracker If you feel the urge to investigate it deeper. You can find some Debuggin of segfaultsin APE server here.

#I can't get it working and I do not know why. Can I get help? Of course! Visit the APE Google Group