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See also : Introduction to APE Javascript framework

#First APE Tutorial

Now you're familiar with the overall working of the [APE Server Core], Ape Javascript Framework and the APE Protocol overview, you should try to develop your first APE application while following some tutorials.

#APE Application Basics ##Server Side There are different ways to write an application with APE, depending on your needs :

  • Creating/using an APE module
  • Using JS inlinepush module to push data from your php/rails/python/... application to APE
  • Using APE as a proxy to connect to a third party server
  • Mixing all these methods to create a powerful application

###APE server side module The APE module is the fastest, most modular and powerful way to exchange data between all users. With an APE module you can :

  • Push data to a client
  • Push data to a channel
  • Set property to user (for example user nickname)
  • Set property on channel (for example save last sent message on the channel)
  • Get information about users connected to APE
  • Get data from a MySQL server
  • Create a socket
  • Do many others things APE modules can be written in JavaScript, C, C++, .. See [Plugins] for details.

###JS Inlinepush [JS Inlinepush] allows you to push data from your application (php/ruby/python/java/...) to the APE server. Right now you can only send data to one single channel. The libape-controller is the easiest way to push data from external applications to APE. Check the demo "controller" in the JSF github repository or on the wiki

###APE as a proxy You can use APE as a proxy. A client asks APE to connect to an external server. Then APE forwards data from this server to the client and vice-versa. An good example is the TCPSocket demo. This feature allow you to connect in javascript to any server / port / protocol you wish in javascript# See : JS TCP - socket

##Client side On the client side, you just have to intercept event from APE server. To make your life easier we provide you with a simple way to execute a function when you receive something. Check the shoutbox demo for a real world example.

#Start playing with your APE

#External resources

  • How to create a web chat with APE, Rails and MySQL
  • EsenAPE - send and receive SMS in real time (0.9)
  • Very basic example showing how to use libape_controller controller (0.9)


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