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:Namespace Morse
∇:require =/Files
rate200÷1000 length of "dit" = 200ms ("dah" will be 3x this)
gpio_pin18 Use GPIO pin 18
Init filename;t
Read MorseCode.txt file (actual name passed as argument)
t⎕FMT #.Files.GetText filename Read file into matrix
Charst[;1],' ' Chars are in column 1 (and add space)
Codes(0 1t)~¨' ' Codes are everything from column 1
Codes,' ' Space is as a double long pause
Display message;direction;value;folder;m;didah;is;index;output;duration
Output Morse code using LED connected to GPIO pin
is{()⎕NREPLACE 0} Write to offset 0 of a file
indexCharsmessage Look message up in Chars
:If /mindex>Chars Any chars not found?
:Else outputCodes[index],¨',' one long string, w/"," between symbols
⎕SH'gpio-admin export ',gpio_pin Creates "direction" and "value"
direction(folder,'/direction')⎕NTIE 0 Open the
value(folder,'/value')⎕NTIE 0 GPIO files
direction is'out' We are doing output
:For didah :In output
duration(1 3 3 7)['.-, 'didah]
value is didah'.-' Turn light on if dit or dah
⎕DL duration×rate Wait
value is 0 Turn off
⎕DL rate Inter-didah pause
⎕NUNTIE direction value
⎕SH'gpio-admin unexport ',gpio_pin