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A javascript media player framework developed to be a single, extensible media playback API for streaming and static audio content.


APMPlayer supports both static audio and live audio streaming, however also contains stubs to facilitate the addition of video playables in the future.

The library has been mostly tested with static MP3 audio files, AAC+ live streaming over RTMP, and MP3 live streaming over HTML5. A variety of playback mechanisms are supported (flash streaming via RTMP, progressive download over flash, and HTML5 audio playback). The player will automatically use the most optimal playback mechanism based on browser, plugins available, and files provided.

The project includes a responsive front-end design, API documentation, a full unit test suite, and several example players.

Example Player Demo



Full API docs available ( also bundled w/ library under /docs/ ): http://common.publicradio.org/media_player/1.2/docs/

Required Dependencies

  • jQuery -- tested and works with nearly all versions of jQuery (fully tested against 1.4 - 1.11, 2.1)

Included Dependencies

All third party libraries can be found in directories starting with /lib, and are packaged as part of this release:

  • SoundManager2 -- V2.97a.20131201 is the current release bundled as part of APMPlayer. SoundManager2 handles all of the low-level playback, HTML5, as well as flash streaming mechanisms over RTMP. file: /script/lib/soundmanager2-jsmin.js file: /script/lib/swf/*

  • jQueryUI Slider -- main library used for scrubber and volume bar. file: /script/lib/jquery-ui-slider-1.10.4.custom.min.js

  • Modernizr -- backwards compatibility for non-HTML5 and CSS3 browsers. file: /script/lib/modernizr-2.5.3-custom.min.js

  • QUnit -- javascript unit testing framework.

Project structure

  • /docs/ - API + UML documentation.
  • /examples/ - piles of examples, with relative paths to libs for ease of dev
  • /script/ - location of all js library files, including 3rd-party /lib files
  • /skin/ - location of all css, sprites and files associated with UI.
  • /test/ - project unit tests, using qUnit (jQuery testing framework)
  • /util/ - utility/non-js scripts. currently includes a simple PHP script to force a prompt for file downloads.

Major Components Overview

Player functionality and display generally consists of these three major components:

  • APMPlayer_UI -- handles all of the display-related logic and provides the glue between HTML and APMPlayer. This is a jQuery plugin or 'fn' and requires jQuery to work (see /docs + /examples)

  • APMPlayer -- APMPlayer is a wrapper to SoundManager2 that handles playback based on supported Playable type (eg, audio; live_audio). file: /script/apmplayer.js APMPlayerFactory is also part of apmplayer.js and is a factory pattern which provides a singleton version of APMPlayer, a Playlist, a Playable creator, and a basic Underwriting module (see /docs)

  • SoundManager2 -- handles all of the lower-level playback capabilities. This version includes the soundManager2 V2.97a.20131201 release. located in /script/lib/.

License: BSD-3

APMPlayer was developed by American Public Media and is released under the BSD-3 license. Please see the license.bp for acceptable boilerplates included in the headers of all files throughout the project.