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APR Coin Core Integration Repository

APR Coin (APR) is 100% decentralized P2P cryptocurrency that delivers ease of use along with a fast, secure and anonymous network hosted on Masternodes globally. As a result of its decentralization, no central organization or entity controls APR Coin. The core dev team of APR are simply members of the APR Community who believe professionalism, integrity and quality are the 3 pillars of a strong cryptocurrency. APR differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies by providing a fast, secure and stable platform to grow mass adoption globally. APR is able to ensure that coin holders may store, send and receive coins anonymously and securely through the use of both desktop and mobile wallets.

APR Coin has been built as a modified fork of PIVX and has kept sustainability top-of-mind with APR being a 100% Proof of Stake Masternode currency. At just 60 seconds, block times are 10x faster than parent coin Bitcoin, without having the negative environmental impact of high energy POW mining.

APR Coin is a modified fork of the Masternode currency PIVX. PIVX was chosen as the parent codebase as a result of its proven foundations, algorithm and block reward distribution system. APR Coin separates itself through longevity supporting coin specifications, customized QT wallets, explicit Masternode and POS wallet block rewards and an intentionally low maximum coin supply of 25,000,000 APR Coins. Block Rewards halve every 1,000,000 blocks per 1,388 days until the maximum total supply of 25 million APR Coins is reached in 100+ years.

All core code for APR Coin is completely open source and is available on Github in a dedicated repository under the MIT License: Community members may use the available code to create use cases of their own, and have full permission to do so whether these uses be for private or commercial use.

Join APR Coin's growing Official Discord Server to speak directly with the team:

Coin Specs

AlgorithmAPR Protocol (Modified Version of Quark)
MiningProof of Stake
Block Time60 Seconds
Total Coin Supply25,000,000 APR
Premine1,500,000 APR (Burned Publicly)
Masternode3,000 APR
Block Rewards70% Masternodes/ 30% POS Wallets
Maturity30 Minutes
Max Supply100+ Years

Block Rewards

BlocksBlock RewardsDays
100 - 5,0001 APR Coin7
5,001 - 25,00033 APR Coins28
25,001 - 100,00020 APR Coin104
100,000 - 1,100,00010 APR Coin1,388

Note: Rewards halve every 1,000,000 blocks per 1,388 days until max supply is reached (100+ years).