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ApsimX is the next generation of APSIM

  • APSIM is an agricultural modelling framework used extensively worldwide.
  • It can simulate a wide range of agricultural systems.
  • It begins its third decade evolving into an agro-ecosystem framework.

Licencing Conditions

Use of APSIM source code is provided under the terms and conditions provided by either the Non-Commercial or Commercial licence Agreements. Use in any way is not permitted unless previously agreed to and currently bound by a licence agreement which can be reviewed on Any questions, please email

Getting Started

Hardware required:

Any recent PC with a minimum of 2Gb of RAM.

Software required:

64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux or macOS.


Binary releases are available via our registration system.


Any individual or organisation (a 3rd party outside of the AI) who uses APSIM must be licensed do so by the AI. On download of APSIM, the terms and conditions of a standard Non-Commercial R&D Licence are agreed to and binds the user.

Intellectual property rights in APSIM are retained by the AI. If a licensee makes any improvements to APSIM, the intellectual property rights to those improvements belong to the AI. This means that the AI can choose to make the improvements - including source code – and these improvements would then be made available to all licensed users. As part of the submission process, you are complying with this term as well as making it available to all licensed users. Any Improvements to APSIM are required to be unencumbered and the contributing party warrants that the IP being contributed does not and will not infringe any third party IPR rights.

Please read our guide.