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Django Yubin allows you to create, send and manage emails in your Django projects. It follows the 12-factors app methodology.

Yubin means postal service in Japanese. Thanks @morenosan for the name.

How it works

For creating and composing emails, Yubin provides class-based views that use standard Django templates.

For sending and queuing emails, Yubin replaces the standard Django Email Backend with its own. Instead of sending emails synchronously trough a SMTP server, Yubin saves emails in your database (and optionally in a file storage) and sends them asynchronously using the Celery distributed task queue.


  • Create and compose emails reusing your code easily with class-based views.
  • Your app can respond requests faster because other process/worker is managing the connection with the SMTP server for sending emails.
  • Scale out easily adding more Celery workers.
  • Emails are saved in the database, you can see, manage and enqueue them from the Django Admin.
  • Optionally you can save only minimum data in the database and full emails in a different storage.
  • Yubin provides settings to avoid sending emails during development.

You can read the full documentation at