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Sumup SDK for React Native
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A React Native implementation of SumupSDK.

Sumup Login


First install the iOS Sumup SDK, instructions here.

Then, npm install react-native-sumup --save and add RNSumup.h and RNSumup.m to your project. Check that the *.m file is under Compile Sources.


This library has been tested with Sumup iOS SDK version 1.2.2.

Example usage

import Sumup from 'react-native-sumup'
// Setup Sumup
// Open login
  .then(response => {
    console.log('Response', response)
  .catch(error => {
    console.log('error', error)

// Checkout
let request = {
  totalAmount: '20.0',
  title: 'Test',
  currencyCode: 'EUR',
  paymentOption: Sumup.paymentOptionMobilePayment
  .then(response) => {
    console.log('Response', response)
  .catch(error) => {
    console.log('Error', error)


This library is still a work in progress, only some methods have been implemented. Please feel free to open any issues if you need another SDK method implemented.

Method Params Description
setupWithAPIKey apiKey: String Method to initialize SumupSDK.
presentLoginFromViewController completionBlock: function Opens a Sumup login view.
checkoutWithRequest request: Object, completionBlock(response): function, errorBlock(error): function Creates a Sumup payment request.
isLoggedIn Returns true if the user has logged-in into the SDK.

Request param

Param Type Description
totalAmount string Will be parsed as decimalNumber.
title string
currencyCode string
paymentOption SMPPaymentOptions An enum of type SMPPaymentOptions. Possible values: SMPPaymentOptionAny, SMPPaymentOptionCardReader, SMPPaymentOptionMobilePayment.



Development sponsor

This development has been sponsored by SupSpot.

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