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#APTE : Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence Version : 0.5beta

For more information about the original tool, visit the dedicated website.

  1. Installation
  2. Usage
  3. Uninstall

###1. Installation

To install APTE, first reach the extracted directory APTE-v0.4beta, then enter the following commands:

  1. cd Source
  2. make

Once the installation is done, an executable 'apte' is created in the directory main directory APTE-v0.4beta

###2. Usage

#####Synopsis :

apte [-debug high|low|none] [-unfold] [-no_comm] [-no_erase] [-verbose [<int>]] [-display traces|size|step]
[-log <int>] [-with_por [compr|red] [improper] [nouse]] file

#####Options :

  • -debug [high|low|none]

    APTE is programmed with three level of debugging.

    • The High debugging option checks several invariants of the algorithms. While this mode provides more guarantee about the result, it makes the algorithm slower.
    • The Low debugging option only checks basic invariants.
    • The None debugging option does not check any invariant. (default) Chose this option for optimal running time.
  • -display traces : Display symbolic traces that are explored.

  • -display step : Show statistics on the matrices generated by APTE for each main step of the algorithm.

  • -display size : Group the statistics on the matrices generated by the size traces.

  • -log <int> : Log all the symbolic processes and the matrices obtained on the leaves for all traces of size smaller than or equal to .

  • -with_por [compr|red] [improper] [nouse]: Uses Partial Order Reductions techniques to significantly improve performance. It is possible to choose a specific POR technique (compressed or reduced semantics), improper and nouse are optional. Without extra argument, -with_por option will enable the best POR tehnique (i.e., reduced semantics with improper and nouse).
    Note : This option automatically activates the option '-no_comm'.
    WARNING : This option should only be used for action-determinate processes.

  • -no_comm : Does not consider the internal communication in the trace equivalence.
    WARNING : This option should not be used in presence of private channel.

  • -no_erase : Does not consider a slight optimisation that consists of removing symbolic processes with the same process during the execution of the algorithm.
    Note : This option is automatically activated when -unfold is used.

  • -unfold : Use the glutton strategy that consists of unfolding all symbolic traces and apply the symbolic equivalence decision procedure for each of them.

  • -verbose [<int>] : Display some statistics on the matrices generated at the. end of the execution. When an integer <int> is given, the statistics are displayed every <int> matrices generated.

###3. Uninstall

To uninstall APTE, first reach the extracted directory APTE_v0.4beta, then enter the following commands:

  1. cd Source
  2. make clean