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@LCBH LCBH released this Mar 15, 2017

Snapshot of APTE v0.4beta with benchmark material associated to the journal paper A Reduced Semantics for Deciding Trace Equivalence in Logical Methods in Computer Science.

Assets 2

@VincentCheval VincentCheval released this Dec 14, 2013


-Correction of a bug in the parser with the tuples.
-Addition of a module for statistic on the matrices generated by the algorithm
-New strategies for the algorithm available (see the different new options)
-An log option have been added that stores the tree of matrices. It should help following the generation of matrices by the algorithm.
-The help menu have been changed to match all the new options
-Addition of new examples.

Assets 2
Nov 8, 2013
Add documentation (should add .tex as well)