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1.3 is here!

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@APickledWalrus APickledWalrus released this 11 Aug 19:10
· 4 commits to master since this release

After a very long time, 1.3 is finally ready for a full release!

This update contains so many fixes and improvements, I highly recommend that ALL users update.


Fixes and Improvements (since beta2)

  • Allow players in spectator mode to trigger GUI click events (#122, thanks @Obliviated)
  • Fixed an issue where updating the shape of a GUI could cause an exception if some slots were unexpectedly not set (closes #133)
  • Fixed an issue where a redundant check for the gui clicked item expression caused an internal error within Skript (closes #132)

There are still some cases where an exception may occur. In those cases, it is likely to be the fault of Skript. Please feel free to report them though.

  • Fixed an issue where the "gui creation inception" checks would incorrectly update the current GUI (closes #131)
  • Fixed an issue where stealable items did not work as expected (closes #126)

I want to make sure it is clear that for a GUI item to be marked as stealable, you do NOT need to make the entire GUI as having stealable items.

For the full list of changes. please refer to the changelogs of previous pre-releases.

Syntax Changes / Breaking Changes Since 1.2.2

  • gui size now returns the number of slots instead of rows (this was a bug)

If you depended on this returning the number of slots, you will have to rework your code! Sorry for any trouble this causes

  • The GUI properties expression has been completely rewritten, and the syntax has changed. It is now a property expression so that it may be used outside of editing sections. This was done to improve the syntax and usability.

New Syntax:
[the] [skript-gui] name[s] of %guis% OR %guis%'[s] [skript-gui] name[s] - RECOMMENDED TO USE skript-gui name DUE TO SYNTAX CONFLICTS WITH SKRIPT
[the] (size[s]|rows) of %guis% OR %guis%'[s] (size[s]|rows)
[the] shape[s] of %guis% OR %guis%'[s] shape[s]
[the] lock status[es] of %guis% OR %guis%'[s] lock status[es]

  • Reworked the syntax for the GUI values expression. This was done to improve syntax flow and usability.

New Syntax:
[the] gui slot
[the] gui raw slot
[the] gui hotbar slot
[the] gui inventory
[the] gui inventory action
[the] gui click (type|action)
[the] gui cursor [item]
[the] gui [clicked|current] item
[the] gui slot type
[the] gui player
[the] gui (viewer|player)s
[the] gui slot id
[the] gui

  • The open gui effect was removed. Therefore, open gui is no longer valid syntax. You can use open the last gui to the player to open a GUI.

Final Notes

Please feel free to report ANY issues you encounter. You can do so at
If you have any questions or need help, you can also do so there on the issues tab. Support is also provided through the Skript Chat Discord guild. Join at

I am happy to answer ANY questions you might have!! You can check out our documentation at

The wiki should be updated. If you notice any inaccuracies or mistakes, PLEASE report them!!!