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@APickledWalrus APickledWalrus released this 09 Feb 20:50

skript-placeholder 1.6.0

After long delays, I am excited to finally be releasing skript-placeholders 1.6.0.

This release contains significant internal improvements that bring some minor new features and fixes to enjoy.

As always, if you encounter any errors or unexpected behavior, please report them through the issues page.

NOTICE: This version of skript-placeholders requires Skript 2.7.3 and newer to function.


  • #52 Added support for setting the result to any type (it will internally be converted into text) (thanks @DelayedGaming)


  • Fixed an issue that caused synchronization errors with configurations of Skript using asynchronous or parallel loading (closes #40)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an increase in resource consumption when using the addon with newer versions of Skript (closes #50)
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin.yml did not specify an API version (it now uses 1.13) (closes #51)