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Whole World Joining The Movement With Aquaoin Team_SAVE EARTH #AQUAOIN #TECHNOLOGY #water2all #AQN #ICO #noblecause #serve #humanity #joinhands #HimalayanWater #save #water #life #childrensfuture #nauter #earth The water technology provider Aquaoin Group has commissioned a project for researching how blockchain could help them track the performance of their intellectual property when they realized that they could create something that would improve their own business and also significantly improve the scale at which water is treated globally. People associate blockchain technology with Internet and fintech companies (financial), and considering the potential improvements it brings. Blockchain technology, however, is not just limited to these tech industries. It’s innovating the way traditional industries operate, such as real estate and product-oriented industries. Using blockchain technology, essentially, allows companies to streamline their management and promote transparency in operations. For more details visit:


Updated May 17, 2018

Aquaoin plans to utilize every single form of water via filtering and recycling Convert it into purest form of water comparable to Himalayan water. Our whole project will be based on three Aqua ideologies. Himalayan water refers to water with higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. Aquaion strengthens body’s immune system, improves digestion, and help body maintain optimum PH balance. Scientifically this type of water can improve: A. Metabolism B. Help in weight loss C. Regulate body temperature D. Help in toxic-waste removal from body among other key benefits.


Updated May 17, 2018

#AQUAOIN_ savewater@save life #WATER2ALL_JOINCROWDSALE #ICO #TokenSale #Crypto #ETH #Bitcoin #AQN #CryptoTrader #noblecause #servehumanity #joinhands #visit:


Updated May 17, 2018

Aquaoin Published by Shikha Saini · Just now · #AQN water@save Life_JOIN CROWD SALE #ICO #TokenSale #Crypto #ETH #Bitcoin #CryptoTrader #noblecause #servehumanity #joinhands (if you invest $100 you will get 110 AQN.) (1$ = 1AQN) For more details visit:

Aquaoin_Water 2 All

Updated May 15, 2018

#Aquaoin technology directly convert salt water into pure drinking water!!!Join Crowd Sale #ICO #TokenSale #Crypto #Ethereum #ETH #Bitcoin #cryptotrading #CryptoTrader #AQN #Savewater #savelife #noblecause #servehumanity #joinhands (if you invest $100 you will get 110 AQN.) (1$ = 1AQN) For more details visit:

AQUAOIN RESEARCH & BLOCKCHAIN ‘WATER 2 All’ Blockchain application goes green with revolutionary water woes solution. India's first chemical-free state-of-art water technology platform based on blockchain solutions. 63.7% (1,337,700 Coins) has been Sold Out against our Pre-Sale Target !

Join crowd sale and get 10% extra bonus. (if you invest $100 you will get 110 AQN.) (1$ = 1AQN)

Aquaoin will launch its own crypto-token, AQN, which will entitle users to their own supply of Himalayan healthy water. The Pre-Sale of AQN tokens will start on May 1, 2018 and Crowd-Sale starts from June 9, 2018 with an aim of collecting up to $20 million.

Aquaoin(AQN)...Join ICO

Updated May 11, 2018

Aquaoin is working on an ICO that will allow crypto investors to stake tokens and facilitate the funding of water recycling Projects. The aim is with Aquaoin that investors can contribute to solving the water crisis and get paid for their efforts.Join ICO_AQN

Join crowd sale and get 10% extra bonus. (if you invest $100 you will get 110 AQN.) (1$ = 1AQN)

Aquaoin....drop of life!!

Updated May 5, 2018

Aquaoin is the link between packaged drinking water industry and blockchain solutions, building a world-class sustainable reliable infrastructure in India. Aquaoin provides extensive technology which directly convert salt water into pure drinking water, with commitment to provide clean reusable water without chemicals. Aquaoin Research & Blockchain will provide state of the art technology to clean and purify all levels of water.

The motto of the project is to make drinking water available to all with cheapest price comparable to prevailing market rates. In future our (R&D) will deliver a water base advance technology and mechanism for any location and can be custom for a fraction of the industry cost.

For more details visit @

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