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1. Installation & Setup

Table of contents

  1. Installation and Setup
  2. Configuration
  3. Usage
  4. FAQ

Application Requirements

LogViewer support only the daily log channel, so make sure that the LOG_CHANNEL is set to daily instead of stack in your .env file.

For Laravel 5.5 and below, set this in your .env file


Laravel uses the Monolog PHP logging library. This gives you a variety of powerful log handlers/formatters to utilize.

Version Compatibility

LogViewer Laravel
LogViewer v4.2.x Laravel v5.0 Laravel v5.1 Laravel v5.2 Laravel v5.3
LogViewer v4.3.x Laravel v5.4
LogViewer v4.4.x Laravel v5.5
LogViewer v4.5.x Laravel v5.6
LogViewer v4.6.x Laravel v5.7
LogViewer v4.7.x Laravel v5.8
LogViewer v5.0.x Laravel v6.0


You can install this package via Composer by running this command: composer require arcanedev/log-viewer:{x.x} where x.x is the version compatible with your laravel's version.

E.g composer require arcanedev/log-viewer:~4.6.0 for Laravel v5.7.

See the Version compatibility table above to choose the correct version.



NOTE : The package will automatically register itself if you're using Laravel >= v5.5, so you can skip this section.

Once the package is installed, you can register the service provider in config/app.php in the providers array:

'providers' => [

No need to register the LogViewer facade, it's done automagically.

Artisan commands

To publish the config and translations files, run this command:

php artisan log-viewer:publish
To force publishing
php artisan log-viewer:publish --force
Publishing the config only
php artisan log-viewer:publish --tag=config

To force publishing add --force flag.

Publishing the translations only
php artisan log-viewer:publish --tag=lang

To force publishing add --force flag.

Application requirements & log files check

php artisan log-viewer:check

Clear all generated log files

php artisan log-viewer:clear


Go to http://{your-project}/log-viewer (See the Configuration page to change the uri and other stuff).

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