ARIES Embedded Mxx SoM and Mxx EVK support for Buildroot
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Here you will find support for the ARIES Emedded System on Modules (SoMs) and Evaluation Kits (EVKs) for Buildroot. We use an external buildroot tree to maintain the ARIES Embedded specific parts.

The following EVKs are supported:

You can build an embedded Linux distribution with Buildroot as shown below. The example is for the MCVEVP. For other EVKs just substitue the machine name mcvevk with the name of your EVK:

    $ cd <work-dir>
    $ export WORK_DIR=`pwd`

We need to clone the ARIES Embedded external buildroot tree and the official buildroot repository:

    $ git clone

    $ git clone --branch 2017.11.x git://

If the maintenance branch 2017.11.x is not yet available, please use:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd buildroot
    $ git checkout -b aries-2017.11 2017.11

Then create a build directory for the default configuration:

    $ cd $WORK_DIR/buildroot
    $ make BR2_EXTERNAL=$WORK_DIR/buildroot-aries \
        O=$WORK_DIR/mcvevk mcvevk_defconfig

And finally make the BSP for the MCVEVP:

    $ cd $WORK_DIR/mcvevk
    $ make

If you need an SDK for application development type:

    $ make sdk

The SDK is relocatable. You need to run the "" script once after copying the SDK to the new location:

    $ cp -r $WORK_DIR/mcvevk/host /opt/sdk-mcvevk
    $ /opt/sdk-mcvevk/
    Relocating the buildroot SDK from ... to ...