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Low-variance and unbiased gradient for backpropagation through categorical random variables, with application in variational auto-encoder and reinforcement learning. ICML 2019
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Code to show the simulation results in [ARSM: Augment-REINFORCE-Swap-Merge Estimator for Gradient Backpropagation Through Categorical Variables]

Data sets

The MNIST data is self-contained and the Omniglot data is in the repository.
RL data is from OpenAI Gym


Below are the paper to cite if you find the algorithms in this repository useful in your own research:

title={{ARSM}: {A}ugment-{REINFORCE}-swap-merge estimator for gradient backpropagation through categorical variables},
author={Mingzhang Yin and Yuguang Yue and Mingyuan Zhou}, booktitle={ICML}, year={2019} }

License Info

This code is offered under the MIT License.

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