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The branch master of this GitHub repository contains the CMSIS-RTOS adoption of FreeRTOS Version 10.4.6 as it is released as Software Pack on The documentation is available under

Use Issues to provide feedback and report problems for CMSIS FreeRTOS implementation.

Note: The branch develop of this GitHub repository reflects our current state of development and is constantly updated. It gives our users and partners contiguous access to the development. It allows you to review the work and provide feedback or create pull requests for contributions.

Directory Structure

Directory Content
CMSIS CMSIS-FreeRTOS related files
CMSIS/RTOS2/FreeRTOS/Config CMSIS-FreeRTOS configuration file
CMSIS/RTOS2/FreeRTOS/Examples CMSIS-FreeRTOS example projects
CMSIS/RTOS2/FreeRTOS/Source CMSIS-FreeRTOS source code
Config FreeRTOS Kernel configuration file
Demo FreeRTOS demo projects
DoxyGen Source of the documentation
License FreeRTOS Kernel license text file
Source FreeRTOS Kernel source code
Utilities Utility programs

Generate CMSIS Pack for Release

This GitHub development repository contains all the sources you need to successfully build the pack.

To build the complete pack for installation, the following additional tools are required:

  • doxygen.exe Version: 1.8.6 (Documentation Generator)
  • mscgen.exe Version: 0.20 (Message Sequence Chart Converter)
  • 7z.exe (7-Zip) Version: 16.04 (File Archiver)

Using these tools, you can generate on a Windows PC:

  • CMSIS-FreeRTOS software pack using the batch file gen_pack.bat (located in ./Utilities). This batch file also generates the documentation.

  • CMSIS-FreeRTOS documentation using the batch file genDoc.bat (located in ./Doxygen).

The file ./DoxyGen/How2Doc.txt describes the rules for creating API documentation.


The FreeRTOS kernel is released under the MIT open source license (see License/license.txt).