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Arm NN build scripts

This directory contains build scripts for Arm NN.

The scripts are tested on Ubuntu 18.04 host machines and use the Ubuntu package manager to install any missing packages on the host before starting the build. Edit the script as needed for other host operating systems.

Native build on Arm Linux systems

The script builds Arm NN and Arm Compute Library as a native build on an Arm Linux system. Example systems are HiKey 960 running Ubuntu, Acer Chromebook R13 using crouton, and Raspbery Pi 3 Running Ubuntu MATE. Run this script before building and running the MNIST demo and MNIST draw applications.

## Run the build

Cross-compile from an x86 system

The script can also cross-compile and the results can be copied to an Arm board. Use -h to see the usage message. For example, to cross-compile for aarch64 with no OpenCL use:

## Run the build
./ -a arm64-v8a -o 0

A logfile is created all of the build is done under $HOME/armnn-devenv

Instrumented versions of Arm NN and Compute Library are used to enable Streamline profiling.

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