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chetansinghrathore Test#14: Fixed the length the read and write buffer
The read and write buffer are define of 4 octet length, but the read length passed in psa_get API was 16 octects. Which was resulting in secure fault.
Latest commit bb9eb2a Apr 29, 2019

PSA APIs : Architecture Test Suite


Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is a holistic set of threat models, security analysis, hardware and firmware architecture specifications, and an open source firmware reference implementation. PSA provides a recipe, based on industry best practice, that allows security to be consistently designed in, at both a hardware and firmware level. One of the PSA goals is to make IoT security easier and quicker for everyone. This means having reliable, consistent APIs and useful built-in security functions for device manufacturers and the developer community. These PSA APIs provides a consistent developer experience hiding the underlying complexity of the security system.

For more information, visit the PSA webpage here

Architecture test suite

The current implementation of the Architecture test suite contains tests for following PSA APIs specifications.

The tests are available as open source. The tests and the corresponding abstraction layers are available with an Apache v2 license allowing for external contribution.

PSA Firmware Framework (PSA-FF)

The test suite for this specification is located in the ff directory of this repository. See PSA Firmware Framework Readme file for more details.

PSA Developer APIs

The test suite for this specification is located in the dev_apis directory of this repository. See PSA Developer APIs Readme file for more details.

Release Update

  • Release Version - 0.8
  • Code Quality: Please use this opportunity to suggest enhancements and point out errors.
  • Current release contains following tests:
  1. Developer APIs test list:
Test Category Specification Version Header File
Crypto PSA Crypto API 1.0 Beta-1 crypto.h
Protected Storage PSA Protected Storage API 1.0 protected_storage.h
Internal Trusted Storage PSA Internal Trusted Storage API 1.0 internal_trusted_storage.h
Initial Attestation PSA Initial Attestation API 1.0 Beta-0 initial_attestation.h
  1. PSA-FF IPC tests that are written for version 1.0-Beta-0 of the PSA FF specification.


Arm PSA test suite is distributed under Apache v2.0 License.

Feedback, contributions, and support

  • For feedback, use the GitHub Issue Tracker that is associated with this repository.
  • For support, send an email to with details.
  • Arm licensees can contact Arm directly through their partner managers.
  • Arm welcomes code contributions through GitHub pull requests.

Copyright (c) 2018-2019, Arm Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.

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