@c1728p9 c1728p9 released this Jan 7, 2017 · 226 commits to master since this release

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This is a public release intended for general use and wide distribution. It contains primarily bug fixes over version 0242.

New Firmware


Features and fixes

-Fix lpc11u35 intermittent interface lockup from USB error
-Fix bug with k20dx interface preventing external debuggers from being used
-Turn status LEDs off when idle
-Improve hex file parsing to read more variations
-Fix programming error when copying from a dropbox folder on windows
-Fix entering ISP mode from application on lpc11u35 interfaces
-Fix lockup on lpc11u35 when changing settings while serial data is being transferred
-Fix race conditions leading to dropped USB setup packets on all interfaces (lpc11u35, atsam3u, k20dx and kl26z)
-Allow lpc11u35 interface to enter ISP mode bootloader from action file (START_BL.ACT)
-Fix asserts in vfs_manager.c
-Add a counter for remounts in DETAILS.TXT
-Improve UART overflow handling
-Add configuration in which DAPLink reports serial overflows - OVFL_ON.CFG


-Unresolved rare intermittent assert on USB transfer - #134