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v1.0.0 Corrected Jul 5, 2017
v1.2.0 In brief: mbed enabled SS logo, Battery Voltage via JST connector now… Jun 23, 2017
v1.2.1 Improved antenna performance moved single lines Oct 20, 2017 fixed typo in date Jun 23, 2017


The mbed xDOT shield features a Multitech xDOT LORA module, with mbed compatabile drag-drop programming. This device is both a independent platform or can act as a shield to make any device send or recieve LORA data via UART.

Whats included here?

  • Eagle Schematic and Board files
  • PDF Schematic and Board copies
  • CAM Job GERBERS for manufacture (including pick/place and drill)
  • BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • eBOM (An online BOM for easy purchasing!)

The design features:

    1. Multitech xDOT module: ST ARM® Cortex® M3 processor (STM32L151CCU6)
    2. DAPLink Interface LPC11u35: Drag Drop programming
    3. 868/915MHz LoRa chip antenna
    4. AT45DB161E-SSHD-T Serial Flash
    5. 3V JST-PH Battery connector
    6. Arduino style headers: Allowing device to operate as LoRa shield
    7. UART swap: Slide switch, allowing UART TX/RX to be swapped, if using as shield switch to 'On'


The hardware design files can be found in this repo as part of the mbed HDK and are referenced by their most up-to-date version v’x.x.x’.(If you wish to find an older project version, navigate to releases or checkout a previous commit).

Software and more info

The software for tests and more info can be found in the CI Test Shield github repository.

How to get hardware

  1. Buy pre-assembled board from vendor (todo)
  2. Do it yourself


  • v 1.2.0 (23/06/17)
    • 'D2' Replaced with 'R29' 0ohm.
    • mbed enabled logo on silkscreen
    • Modified 'CON2' now recommended voltage is 4.5V (from 3V) for VBAT, rerouted to input of LDO 'U2'
  • v 1.1.0 (01/06/17)
    • 'R3':1.5K->220R
    • 'R13','R14':470R->1.5K
    • Placed resistors 'R14'-to-'R27' on front of PCB (no components on rear)
    • Rerouted UART1TX, UART1RX (improved antenna performance)
    • Moved USB micro further into board
  • v 1.0.0 (18/05/17)
  • Initial Commit
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