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Mbed Cloud SDK for Python is an open source project from Arm Mbed.

We really appreciate your contributions! You can contribute by letting us know about any SDK issues you have found, or by creating a pull request with a bug fix or new feature you find necessary, important or just attractive.

How to Contribute Code

Please keep contributions small and independent. We would much rather have multiple pull requests for each cool thing you've done rather than have them all in the same one. This will help us review, give feedback and merge in your changes.

  • Fork the repository.
  • Make your change and write unit tests, please do match the existing coding style.
  • Write a good commit message.
  • Write a news fragment for any non-trivial changes as a new file in docs/news e.g. 123.feature. (see towncrier for more fragment types).
  • Push to your fork.
  • Submit a pull request.

We will review your proposal, give you feedback and merge your changes if we feel your contribution is generally useful and meets our quality criteria.

Merging the Pull Request

When merging the pull request we will give it a title which provides context to changes:

  • :<emoji>: <Issue-Number> <Change Summary> (#<Pull Request Number>)

An emoji will be used to highlight what has occurred in the change:

Emoji GitHub Markdown Topic(s)
🏁 :checkered_flag: New release
🎁 :gift: Features / New good stuff
🔧 :wrench: Bug / Defect fixes
:x: Removing features / Deprecation
🔒 :lock: Security
🚀 :rocket: Performance
💰 :moneybag: Technical debt
📖 :book: Documentation
🔃 :arrows_clockwise: Synchronising (normally between branches)
⭕️ :o: CircleCI / Build system

Additional emojis which are more likely to be used in commits than in a merge:

Emoji GitHub Markdown Topic(s)
🌈 :rainbow: Linting and appearance fixes
📰 :newspaper: Newsfile (news snippet)
🚧 :construction: Work In Progress (WIP)
⬆️ :arrow_up: ️ Upgrade dependency
⬇️ :arrow_down: Downgrade dependency

One Last Thing...

For us to accept your code contributions, we will need you to agree to our Mbed Contributor Agreement to give us the necessary rights to use and distribute your contributions.

Thank you 😃

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