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Nanostack release for Mbed OS 5.13 #10624

merged 6 commits into from May 23, 2019


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7 participants
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commented May 21, 2019


Nanostack release for Mbed OS 5.13

Following libraries updated using using git subtree:

  • features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack to v11.0.0
  • features/nanostack/coap-service

Pull request type

[] Fix
[ ] Refactor
[ ] Target update
[X] Functionality change
[ ] Docs update
[ ] Test update
[ ] Breaking change


@mikter , @SeppoTakalo , @kjbracey-arm , @JarkkoPaso

Release Notes

This release contains updates for the Mesh protocols:

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes to Wi-SUN and Thread protocol.
  • EAPOL (certificate-based network authentication) enabled to Wi-SUN mesh protocol.

Notes about Mesh stack maturity:

  • This version of Wi-SUN stack is inter-operable only with itself (development work still on-going).
  • Wi-SUN protocol is tested using functional protocol testing suites.
  • Wi-SUN non-functional testing is performed using 40 devices connected to single Wi-SUN network.
  • Thread stack is verified using protocol testing suite that includes certification test suite

artokin added some commits May 2, 2019

Update mesh related configuration help texts
-Update mbed-mesh-api nanostack heap-size configuration help
-Add WISUN to netsocket default-mesh-type configuration help
Sync 802.15.4 RF drivers from master repos
-Sync STM S2LP with v0.0.6 in master repo
-Sync Atmel with v3.0.8 in master repo
-Sync MCR20A with v1.0.6 in master repo
Merge commit 'a24db795a57f8969d037ce949da1bd518956a1db' into prepare_…

* commit 'a24db795a57f8969d037ce949da1bd518956a1db':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/coap-service/' changes from 086e7ba..3c79829
Squashed 'features/nanostack/coap-service/' changes from 086e7ba..3c7…

3c79829 Merge pull request #122 from ARMmbed/sync_with_mbedOS
5dd3ab9 (via Mbed OS) test_soap_connection_handler leaks memory when open_connection fails

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/coap-service
git-subtree-split: 3c79829ee3bb2bf7d9308a88f2b5c3596f6fea4b
Merge commit '1c29564f653e93a2bda270b257c9bb239de9b61e' into prepare_…

* commit '1c29564f653e93a2bda270b257c9bb239de9b61e':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack/' changes from 84a07ce..0345477
Squashed 'features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack/' changes from 84a07…

0345477 Remove test file eapol_helper_stub from release
2f7767a Merge branch 'release_internal' into release_external
fdd6c2d wi-sun address registration fix:
48330ea Disabled TLS platform memory
794e053 Wi-sun config sol message handler update
c69a41d Removed ETX unknow neighbour trace.
7a5b2a7 Wi-sun State machine update
bfc7843 Enabled non-blocking ECC calculation on TLS server
ce36f2c Fix issues found by coverity (#2087)
2c4981b DHCP client fix's
6c00aa2 Correcting timeout handling
d04523e Added timer to supplicant to filter EAP-TLS re-transmission bursts
3524877 Fix issues found by coverity (#2082)
e5f1627 Increased TLS queue size, corrected EUI-64 read and added traces
67bb748 Codereview cleaning's
9350293 DHCPv6 client server address update.
de00ace Reduced EAP-TLS retries to from four to two
bff9c6e Previous BR EUI-64 is now used on second authentication attempt
a2019f4 RPL target address publish update
cea03d6 DHCPc6 client cancel support
f562de5 Corrected supplicant EAP-TLS sequence id validation
bf36b5a Added traces to EAP-TLS delay and TLS protocol
203fdae Removed RSL check from ETX for testing purpose.
c1bfeb6 Added print for debugging why SRH validate check fail.
fc429e7 Corrected function parameter check
0aef534 Added support for fourth network key to MAC helper and WS bootstrap
d861208 Added validation for ETX Acceleration definitions.
cbb4acf Accept do faster ETX caclculation after last ETX probe or unicast traffic.
202e579 Removed debug trace print which may affect crash.
68c3d7b Fix missing RPL Prefix Slaac delete handler.
588c385 Drop only non trusted devices when life is over 60 seconds old.
99e8ce7 Cleaned trace print.
8c57c10 Code clean and Keep time update at 16-bit.
9ff35ab ETX calculate and sampling update.
535c005 Corrected EAPOL key reuse on supplicant bootstrap restart
01058c0 Fix for valid lifetime for slaac based address. (#2071)
ed4d0c0 Merge pull request #2067 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3413
b3ec1f3 MAC: iotthd-3413 Review updates
dce4e25 Merge pull request #2068 from ARMmbed/ws_dhcp_update
06fe62e Fixed static definition.
14a244d Wi-sun BBR, bootsrap and RPL Prefix calback update
669b325 DHCPV6 client update
d03187e NEW API for do address decrecation
7864962 Added comment for dhcp client configure at Wi-SUN bootstrap.
890f955 Dio prefix handler fix
9f7bf49 Code style, added missing function stub  and function rename fix.
78c4ae9 MAC: Added address and pan id filtering for 802.15.4-2015
0ebd37a Wi-sun DHCPV6, RPL DIO forwarding, dhcpv6 client  update
85f9a81 Added generation of SLAAC address on BBR (#2065)
561aefa Created Wi-SUN specific NA handler
30bce91 MAC: Moved MAC filters in data ind callback
b961948 MAC: Cleaning data indication callback
318ab48 Merge pull request #2064 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3426
1a9be20 MAC unit tests: updated cca prepare test
fd5683d FHSS WS: Removed temporary debug traces
6527e05 MAC: Fixed multi csma
1e1f69a modified trickle analyse function for pan configuration
b7a8268 Merge pull request #2063 from ARMmbed/fhss_mac_retry_correct
a21bede CCA RETRY and and TX reretry clear calculation when FHSS re-send packet at new channel.
c7235f8 Merge pull request #2062 from ARMmbed/ns_aro_fix
4489dda Merge pull request #2060 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3426_traces
b1484d8 Corrected GAK generation flagging
db51b73 Configure Thread neighbour and destination cache (#2057)
0306276 FHSS WS: Added temporary debug traces
7d88d7f Enabled Multicast NS to trig NA for wi-sun.
609086d Do not add ack callback for multicast NS.
be18109 Fixed missing address re registration.
7d8dab4 IPv6 routing cache configuration update (#2056)
f701d39 Corrected PAN ID checking for NVM keys and MAC key remove on discovery
1eda5e3 Enabled mbed TLS to use nsdynmemlib on simulator
42c154d Merge pull request #2054 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3374
75cce02 Add bootstrap Down event when re-starting network discovery
aab7191 MAC: Use minimum CSMA for Asynch
3d93f64 Merge pull request #2053 from ARMmbed/ws_eapol_bootstrap
d29dfa7 Merge pull request #2052 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3375
7689c8c FHSS WS: Added maximum drift compensation step
7b55332 PAN Configuration failure fix and enabler
1a798ab FHHS old synch disable
47f65aa Merge pull request #2051 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3415
324902d Merge pull request #2048 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3388
142a32a Update Trickle expiration
c5f5fa7 omit NA messages from NS
5d29046 Merge pull request #2040 from ARMmbed/fix_compiler_warnings
8c0b6db FHSS WS: Fixed drifting TX trig timer
708a7d5 Review corrections
1f63902 Merge pull request #2047 from ARMmbed/eapol_bt
e9759e8 Added trigger to authenticator to re-start delayed EAP-TLS
30c538a Modified MLR handling
c56fa8d Code style fix
f298cd3 Parent synch fix and EAPOL synch fix
02942b0 Merge pull request #2046 from ARMmbed/iotthd-3260
5020291 Wi-sun dicovery trickle update
572861b Merge pull request #2041 from ARMmbed/iotthd-3309
e32d3c1 Merge pull request #2038 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3341
a2addf8 EAPOL parent synch update
b9e3ee0 FHSS WS: Implemented fhss retry logic
1c25c24 Corrected 4WH and GKH replay counters
45a76e1 Corrected eapol key length
39582e8 Merge pull request #2039 from ARMmbed/iotthd-3352
a428ba7 wi-sun LLC update
5ad1743 EAPOL helper update
db2e2cd Fix compiler warnings in MDNS service
924acad Fix armc6 compiler warnings
64e924e Check object before usage (#2036)
2d7e923 Corrected supplicant 4WH timeout after Message 1
6cde07a Merge pull request #2034 from ARMmbed/ws_aro_lifetime_fix
9c97cac Merge pull request #2032 from ARMmbed/ws_enable_multi_csma
80ecfdc WS: Enable checking CCA twice on TX channel
780e521 Fixxed ARO lifetime /60 +1 . now resolution is OK.
fe4073b Merge pull request #2030 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3340
902fdd8 create multicast forward check for PBBR
420c5be Disabled initial EAPOL-Key retry on GTK lifetime mismatch
25ae74e Merge pull request #2029 from ARMmbed/fhss_compensation_fix
6023d7b WS: change csma periods to 1 to make tests pass
b5a71c4 MAC unit tests: Updated CCA prepare test
a1f3ceb MAC: Make multi CSMA configurable
f4e9a1b Disable fhss compensation at parent selection if fixed channel mode is enabled for broadcast.
2417093 Added limits to number of EAP-TLS and TLS sessions
6845ab8 Corrected EAP-TLS retries and ids and initial EAPOL-Key handling
50961c9 Removed random from EAPOL PAN version increment
b862823 Fixed interop findings for DUA handling
a91a2b4 Thread discovery response update (#2024)
ffd4db2 MAC: Implemented double cca check
4ac7842 Corrected authenticator GTK setting
32af62b Merge pull request #2021 from ARMmbed/fhss_synch_fix
5c81b36 ws FHSS synch fix
9dfe724 Corrected 4WH retries and timeouts
b47c583 Added check for MBEDTLS_NIST_KW_C flag to nist KW module
2be2634 Merge pull request #2019 from ARMmbed/fhss_warnings_fix
342ca76 FHSS: Fixed IAR warnings from channel functions
359c7b9 Merge pull request #2017 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3065
570123d Merge pull request #2015 from ARMmbed/tls_free
1d7693b Change the re-registration delay (#2016)
b33e0c1 FHSS WS: Fixed large broadcast interval issue
9640ec0 Merge pull request #2014 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3338
798b513 Corrected TLS library free on failure cases
f6d1299 FHSS WS: Fixed compensation when on BC channel
5fa004c address entry removal updated (#2013)
a8e3e73 Test mode updates for BBR (#2011)
d8cc9b5 Merge pull request #2012 from ARMmbed/dhcp_fix
33cd6bf Typo realay->relay.
90a77aa DHCP relay and Renew update
bd12214 DHCP client address request update
74dc531 Merge pull request #1994 from ARMmbed/enable_eapol
e921dcd Merge pull request #2007 from ARMmbed/ws_mpl_fix
17e27a4 MTD status check added (#2010)
a0e893b Merge pull request #2008 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3234
274abdd address registration and coap port updates (#2009)
ae91f87 MAC: Increase backoff exponent when retry count grows
f871797 Merge pull request #2001 from ARMmbed/iotthd-2949
2b6ddf0 Corrected traces and coverity error
b0b804d Corrected security protocol data alignment
439e051 Corrected HMAC calculation
6962f42 Corrected traces
ff765cf Changed some hex traces to decimals for readability
bc3f4f1 Added session message counter check to supplicant 4WH
d963915 Corrected four way handshake Message 2 retry
1bcf070 Enable EAPOL flags
83fc53a Security policy check added. (#2004)
7b7e67c MPL SEED ID compres disable for wi-sun.
345c34f Merge pull request #2003 from ARMmbed/fix_rsl_out
716851d Thread uri updated. (#2005)
c4d81f4 WS neigh: Fixed reading RSL out
ac266e8 Merge pull request #2006 from ARMmbed/merge_nanostack_v10.1.1_changes_back_to_master
aaad726 Merge branch 'release_internal'
b4fc3f9 Update README (#2002)
64c5f23 Update Pan information when it heard from Parent.
2b61377 RPL DAO target request Update
bba1105 Merge pull request #1999 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3246
08dfcfc Merge branch 'release_internal'
4edc186 Extra security policy bits handling  (#1995)
5a42e88 Corrected PAE controller stop
ac2425c Corrected compiling errors
d4fded3 Merge pull request #1996 from ARMmbed/ws_bbr_pan_size
da6fd12 Fixed Default small network setup set to follow standard.
90a335b Merge pull request #1982 from ARMmbed/iotthd-3258
df2b98e Merge pull request #1979 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-3233
2b356e0 Added next GTK set to empty functions
3ece393 Corrected compilation warnings from tracing and UT stubs
13e68c3 Corrected defects
ac51ec5 Corrected coverity, compiler and astyle errors
96c5496 Added GTK, PMK, PTK lifecycles and node's access of revocation
8f10a6e Fixed tlv length check. (#1992)
f2ba36d MAC unit tests: Missing stub added
1ef8dd6 Added public configuration API for Wi-SUN BBR
16d52fb Merge pull request #1991 from ARMmbed/aro_failure_fix
187ad94 Neighbour remove clear active Nud table if neighbor is at list.
5e89e16 Fix ARO register failure handler:
81cd273 Added an extra byte to security policy. (#1989)
cd1afb1 MAC: Fixed aborting active TX when sending Ack
b0a3c70 WS/MAC: removed trace causing crash, fixed MAC min BE set
3f0e56c FHSS WS: TX poll improvement to enhance hidden node situations
22cbb02 Merge pull request #1983 from ARMmbed/iothhd-2950
3835702 Address policy update's
aba9dd6 Updated new rule to address source select
2ed0f76 Fixed Echo request handle
6e31d0a Fix DHCPv6 relay:
f40f518 Added prefence time back to ULA prefix add wi-sun.
0bee3db Changed debug traces to info traces
1c45286 Fixed defects and coding style
553fbb1 Corrected memory error on security protocol finish
f47ad87 PAE supplicant and authenticator GTK update procedure
b4091c0 Defined WS RPL default configure

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack
git-subtree-split: 03454773bef569096bc177fb92930796a2d18c96

@ciarmcom ciarmcom requested review from JarkkoPaso, kjbracey-arm, mikter, SeppoTakalo and ARMmbed/mbed-os-maintainers May 21, 2019

#ifdef AT24MAC

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SeppoTakalo May 21, 2019


Is this copy&paste from Atmel driver, and why was it not working for this device?

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JarkkoPaso May 21, 2019


It is a copy and it would work with this device. But I guess we cannot rely we always have atmel drivers compiled when running s2-lp? We should probably have some common driver folder for this.

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SeppoTakalo May 21, 2019


Then move to common folder.
AT24MAC is not Atmel RF driver specific. So now would be correct time to separate it.

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artokin May 22, 2019

Author Contributor

Suggesting to make it as a separate PR once the change has been properly analysed and correct location/API has been decided.

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artokin May 23, 2019

Author Contributor

A PR for moving AT24MAC:

@0xc0170 0xc0170 removed request for ARMmbed/mbed-os-core May 22, 2019

@0xc0170 0xc0170 removed the request for review from ARMmbed/mbed-os-crypto May 22, 2019


mikter approved these changes May 23, 2019

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left a comment

EAPOL enabled to Wi-SUN mesh protocol. This version of Wi-SUN is not backwards compatible with Wi-SUN protocol released in Mbed OS 5.12.

I fixed the PR type above (it's not a fix, it's breaking change this update?). I don't see in the release notes any information how to move from 5.12->5.13 - do we expect users to figure out non backward compatible changes by themselves ?


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commented May 23, 2019

CI started meanwhile


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Contributor Author

commented May 23, 2019

@0xc0170 , Wi-SUN protocol is still under development. Therefore there is no possibility for backwards compatibility between releases yet. There is no change in the Mbed OS Mesh interfaces and therefore we don't see this as a "breaking change".

We modified the release notes and changed the PR type as "functional change"


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commented May 23, 2019

thanks, clear now

@0xc0170 0xc0170 added needs: CI and removed needs: review labels May 23, 2019


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commented May 23, 2019

Test run: SUCCESS

Summary: 11 of 11 test jobs passed
Build number : 1
Build artifacts

@0xc0170 0xc0170 added ready for merge and removed needs: CI labels May 23, 2019

@0xc0170 0xc0170 merged commit b2abfc3 into ARMmbed:master May 23, 2019

26 checks passed

continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-head This commit looks good
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
jenkins-ci/build-ARM Success
jenkins-ci/build-GCC_ARM Success
jenkins-ci/build-IAR Success
jenkins-ci/cloud-client-test Success
jenkins-ci/dynamic-memory-usage Success
jenkins-ci/exporter Success
jenkins-ci/greentea-test Success
jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-ARM Success
jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-GCC_ARM Success
jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-IAR Success
jenkins-ci/unittests Success
travis-ci/astyle Success!
travis-ci/docs Success!
travis-ci/doxy-spellcheck Success!
travis-ci/events Success! Runtime is 8560 cycles.
travis-ci/gitattributestest Success!
travis-ci/include_check Success!
travis-ci/licence_check Success!
travis-ci/littlefs Success! Code size is 8448B.
travis-ci/psa-autogen Success!
travis-ci/tools-py2.7 Success!
travis-ci/tools-py3.5 Success!
travis-ci/tools-py3.6 Success!
travis-ci/tools-py3.7 Success!

@artokin artokin deleted the artokin:prepare_for_mbedos513 branch May 24, 2019

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