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Bring Nordic SDK v15 Update to Master #10666

merged 74 commits into from May 28, 2019


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commented May 24, 2019


This is a target update for NRF52 targets in Mbed OS and updates the Nordic SDK to version 15. Depends on #10542.

[ ] Fix
[ ] Refactor
[X] Target update
[ ] Functionality change
[ ] Docs update
[ ] Test update
[ ] Breaking change



TacoGrandeTX and others added some commits Jun 26, 2018

First porting effort covered by JIRA IOTDEV-1572:
- top level files ported from TARGET_NORDIC/TARGET_NRF5x/

Also addressed:
- fixed linking issue for gcc
- added support for nRF52-DK builds, but reverted to using nRF52840 sdk_config.h (must be updated)
- introduced "RTC" to targets.json (might need to be removed eventually)
Ported analogin and pwm_out for IOTDEV-1573.
Also addressed:
- removed dependency on legacy config (excluded apply_old_config.h)
- removed legacy pwm and saadc headers
- Arm Compiler 5 linking issue (a band-aid for now... needs to
  be properly addressed for peripheral sharing)
- added missing header in SoftDevice file
Updates to PWM for IOTDEV-1573
- Missed some NRFX defines that needed to changed
- Set PWM base clock to 125kHz (needs to be reverted back to 1 MHz)
- Updated sdk_config.h for nRF52_DK builds
- Brought in updates from PR7779 (fix for nRF52 PWM issues)
Nordic sdk_config: Configure UART instances
Enable UART interfaces to enable serial debug prints.
serial_api: Fix the interrupt registration for Nordic Serial Device
Using the nrfx_get_irq_number only works with the handle. Since we
know the IRQ numbers for UART0, RTC2 and EGU0, use them directly.
Updates for IOTDEV-1575 and nRF52_DK builds
- Use new NRFX header file
- Fix nRF52832 linker script/ld files (hardcoded addresses for now)
- Temporarily remove DEVICE_TRNG for nRF52832 (which broke the build)
- Improve serial_putc() fix so we don't rely on "extra" functions
Updates for IOTDEV-1576 (only TRNG API)
- Added legacy nrf_drv_rng.c as there is no merit in fully adopting nrfx_rng.c
- Added nrf_queue library component
- Removed apply_old_config.h (unused for some time now)
- Updated sdk_config.h for queue and RNG support for nRF52832
- Brought back RNG into targets.json for nRF52832
Note: nRF52840 still uses CryptoCell 310 for TRNG
NRF52: Fix vector table
Ensure that vector table gets initialized properly. The table that we
initialize in startup_nrf52840.S gets wiped out as the section is
declared as noinit. Fix this by implementing the weak function mbed_sdk_init
that inits the vector table.
nRF52_DK: Use mbed_lib.json to set app_offset (MBED_APP_START)
When the SoftDevice (SD) is enabled we need to set the app_offset
to 0x26000 to make room for the SoftDevice.  If we let the build
tools self-manage this, MBED_APP_START is coming out at 0x25000
which is not correct for the Nordic 15.0 SDK.

The app_offset value is translated to MBED_APP_START by the build
infrastructure.  We were hard coding MBED_APP_START in the scatter
and ld files as a temporary measure while testing.  This now sets
it properly if the SD is being brought in.
Updates after rebase with Mbed master (circa OS v5.10.1)
* Remove NRF_SDH_CLOCK parameters from mbed_lib.json
* Bring in QSPI for nRF52840
* Migrate legacy QSPI driver to SDK v15 (nrfx_qspi.h)
* Remove outdated comment in i2c_api.c
Fix build for nRF51 (fewer common files with nRF52)
The 15.0 SDK doesn't support the nRF51 so it must continue to use the legacy
NRF drivers.  Thus the original common_rtc.c, gpio_api.c and us_ticker.c are
restored and placed under TARGET_NRF5x/TARGET_NRF51.

Likewise the modified common_rtc.c, gpio_api.c and us_ticker.c are moved to
TARGET_NRF5x/TARGET_NRF52 so they are excluded from nRF51 builds.
Remove dead #define PORT_SHIFT
nRF5x PinNames.h never utilized PORT_SHIFT so removed for clarity after
user commented on it.
Add missing SoftDevice build support (MBR, NONE, OTA)
- Add MBR, NONE and OTA SoftDevice build options for S132 and S140
- Add S112 SoftDevice (single build option)
- Some folder restructuring in TARGET_SOFTDEVICE_COMMON was required
Revert "NRF52: Fix vector table"
This reverts commit 3d2fa53.

This was a breaking change for the "MBR" and "NONE" builds.
After testing it was also determined that copying the vector
table a second time wasn't required for the "FULL" build.
Cleanup for feature release
* Update TARGET_NRF5x/ to improve "Changing SoftDevice" section
  and added section on NRF52840 CryptoCell310 Support
* Update the file list in TARGET_SDK_15_0/TARGET_SOFTDEVICE_COMMON/
* Add missing CR-LF to Nordic-provided SDK file
* Rename a header file in the TARGET_SOFTDEVICE_S112 tree
Changes required for rebase:
 - Brought in new nrfx APIs
 - Brought in PPI additions
 - Removed dead code for RTC

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commented May 27, 2019

This is a target update for NRF52 targets in Mbed OS and updates the Nordic SDK to version 15. Depends on #10542.

Merged, will start CI shortly


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commented May 27, 2019

Test run: SUCCESS

Summary: 11 of 11 test jobs passed
Build number : 1
Build artifacts

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left a comment

Huge update , lot of work here!

I fetched it locally to review commits.

I would add more details to some fixes, will be checking it more the next time for feature branches integrations.


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commented May 27, 2019

@ARMmbed/mbed-os-pan Any testing still to be done, all good ?


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Member Author

commented May 27, 2019

Thanks @0xc0170, this is the same code as #10542 which @paul-szczepanek-arm validated so we should be good!

I'll let him give the approval on behalf on the team.

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left a comment

I take full responsibility.

@0xc0170 0xc0170 merged commit 19e7622 into master May 28, 2019

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@pan- pan- referenced this pull request May 31, 2019


Fix nrf52 memory pools #10733

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