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Nanostack release for Mbed OS 5.8 #6053

merged 5 commits into from Feb 14, 2018


None yet
7 participants

deepakvenugopal commented Feb 9, 2018


Nanostack release for Mbed OS 5.8.

Following libraries updated with git subtree:

  • features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/sal-stack-nanostack
  • features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/coap-service

API addition:

  • New API added to mbed-mesh-api to read interface id



deepakvenugopal and others added some commits Feb 9, 2018

Merge commit 'df0dc6cd3395ceb44eed35d0b2f341ba7e3e0b91'
* commit 'df0dc6cd3395ceb44eed35d0b2f341ba7e3e0b91':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/coap-service/' changes from 8689fca..f6281ed
Squashed 'features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/coap-service/' changes…
… from 8689fca..f6281ed

f6281ed CoAP transaction delete improvements (#91)
a4bb497 Add check for interface when receiving CoAP request (#92)
bca55ce Fix invalid memory read error (#90)

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/coap-service
git-subtree-split: f6281ed1888ae372760fd2380e7523b8a95affab
Squashed 'features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/sal-stack-nanostack/' …
…changes from c9bf20f..43c7ec2

43c7ec2 Merge branch 'release_internal' into release_external
ed76459 Merge pull request #1558 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-2195
8d3bcb7 Add new function to unit tests
56f66a4 Review correction
8b7d018 Move indirect queue size public API to net_interface
d877c9e Review corrections
c25e476 Remove Eclipse project files for external release
d51f442 Merge branch 'release_internal' into release_external
135c48d Increase Thread SED buffer size for big packets
70931a7 Fix indirect queue packet ordering
10e51a4 API for changing Thread SED parent buffer size
6122d24 dereference null value issue fixed. (#1557)
d1378dc Clear IPv6 neighbor cache in partition change (#1554)
7610e91 Child neighbor entry updates (#1550)
c727295 cleared neighbours with child address that are not ours (#1549)
80b4d72 Thread partition merge mode TLV change (#1546)
edd7599 RLOC was updated before clearing child info (#1547)
a666056 router short address set to 0xfffe for non routers (#1543)
759ab05 delete route set and link set entries for a router ID (#1540)
23a1265 REED advertisement handling (Thread spec 5.16.3): (#1535)
0a32cb4 added active and pending timestamps to child update response (#1533)
d0eec80 Fix error case memory leak (#1537)
da9860f Pending set after link sync (#1526)
ffa1569 Thread router network data update after link sync (#1530)
3b46d8d Fix defects found by coverity (#1529)
3a57101 Fix compiler warnings and update traces (#1523)
c288227 Add extension check for partition weight drop in parent selection (#1521)
d8dea28 network data cleared after router forms new partition (#1525)
44a85e5 removed router flagging for thread_management_server file (#1524)
1cbced9 Merge pull request #1520 from ARMmbed/IOTTHD-2105_2
3d07365 Review corrections to network data clearing
22a0375 Clear network data from lost children
ffd8517 added a new thread management function (#1519)
80af9cb Thread BR network data clearing (#1518)
5a6f6b5 thread nvm valgrind uninitialized data fix (#1517)
d5e2198 Add API for partition weighting set (#1513)
8811d6f multicast forwarding scope changed and address registration updated. (#1516)
c277384 printf to tr_info (#1515)
bb21264 Thread combined nvm test (#1507)
76f7725 Primary BBR fixes from interop (#1512)
12ed5ab FHSS unit test: fixed fhss mac interface test (cherry picked from commit 805eb42e4416b00cc018dc32dceb353d0b6c8bb6)
dd21ea9 Remvoed unnecessary trace print's.
cb6e78b FHSS unit test: fixed fhss beacon tasklet test (cherry picked from commit abe6d671b058f4f069741eab24d51e4d62d550b0)
237b3d4 Fhss info print (#1486)
0f39a47 FHSS: Do not update synch monitor right after superframe change (cherry picked from commit 99d50ad9d7f8dad80f10c2a4303f4e75ab31a3c2)
c9a098f Fixed Timeoout force which actually never generate timeout.
957c7fb Pana server and client update:
ae230e5 FHSS: Update Beacon synch info in critical state
84bd8a4 FHSS: Synchronization must be done in critical state
fb1b163 Pan coordinator blacklist update
39fe6ba Added missing HAVE_RPL compiler flag
16a1bc5 MLE bootsrap and message timeout update
eeb2d39 enable BBR to support multicast registration in non   commercial networks (#1509)
4ea2bf8 uri modified. (#1510)
f443853 timeout corrected for neighbour entry (#1508)
ea93c1f Thread dev conf taken use (#1503)
5d5b239 bug fix in bbr start (#1505)
8dbd521 commented a trace. (#1504)
145dbdf device conf copy fix (#1502)
f60268f eid&random mac moved to device conf struct (#1497)
df18635 Let MAC choose address when mesh forwarding
42f916b fixed BBR stop to remove network data and routing information (#1500)
e058c2a pbbr changes (#1499)
1ece307 Merge pull request #1485 from ARMmbed/merge_release_back
dda8164 thread address handling updated. (#1496)
1dc21a1 thread extension fixes. (#1495)
543fe98 Merge branch 'release_internal'
bade70e Dua req changes (#1494)
1979df8 added status to MLR response and implemeted BMLR.ntf multicast. (#1492)
1807c01 mle class initialisation (#1488)
d809831 Merge pull request #1479 from ARMmbed/merge_release_to_master
bce812d Update license to Thread test file (#1483)
aaa4b1f Revert eclipse file removal

git-subtree-dir: features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/sal-stack-nanostack
git-subtree-split: 43c7ec255fd25e21e272c7373d011791327f8724
Merge commit '7197b5fd51825257ee04dac5dfd0d16ea1896853'
* commit '7197b5fd51825257ee04dac5dfd0d16ea1896853':
  Squashed 'features/nanostack/FEATURE_NANOSTACK/sal-stack-nanostack/' changes from c9bf20f..43c7ec2

0xc0170 approved these changes Feb 9, 2018


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0xc0170 commented Feb 9, 2018

/morph build


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mbed-ci commented Feb 9, 2018


Build number : 1103
Build artifacts/logs :

Triggering tests

/morph test
/morph uvisor-test
/morph export-build


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0xc0170 commented Feb 12, 2018

@artokin @mikter Approve this update?


mikter approved these changes Feb 14, 2018

@cmonr cmonr merged commit 975b940 into ARMmbed:master Feb 14, 2018

17 checks passed

AWS-CI uVisor Build & Test Success
ci-morph-build build completed
ci-morph-exporter build completed
ci-morph-test test completed
continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-head This commit looks good
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
mbed-ci-generic Build finished.
travis-ci/docs/ Local docs testing has passed
travis-ci/events/ Local events testing has passed
travis-ci/littlefs/ Local littlefs testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-ATMEL/ Local mbed2-ATMEL testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-MAXIM/ Local mbed2-MAXIM testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-NORDIC/ Local mbed2-NORDIC testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-NUVOTON/ Local mbed2-NUVOTON testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-NXP/ Local mbed2-NXP testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-SILICON_LABS/ Local mbed2-SILICON_LABS testing has passed
travis-ci/mbed2-STM/ Local mbed2-STM testing has passed

@cmonr cmonr removed the ready for merge label Feb 14, 2018

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