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We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.4.6 release is now available. This release includes new target support for DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1 and RO359B. There is an update of the u-blox ODIN driver to v1.3 rc2 and an update of the STM32 F1 STM32 cube (SDK) to v1.5.0. There are also a number of bug fixes and tool enhancements to improve the quality and stability of the codebase.

Known issues

There are no known issues for this release.

Ports for upcoming targets

4256: DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1: Add a new platform

4302: [RO359B] Add platform

Fixes and changes

4270: ODIN: Disable sleep because it's not compatible with Wi-Fi driver

4238: lwIP - power up EMAC before reading its settings

4149: STM32F3: Handle USB ISTR and endpoint registers correctly

4276: Avoid 03/05 intel-hex records for Nordic devices

4289: LPC4088: Add "LPC4088Code.binary_hook" to the white list of the embit

4309: Limit ISR stack to 4k on NUCLEO-F429ZI

4308: Fix NVIC_SetVector type in HAL for MAX32630FTHR

4226: [WIZnet][W7500] Add support for mbed OS 5

4241: [NUC472/M453] Fix serial error with sync/async calls interlaced

4245: [nRF5 + nRF52840]: Merge nRF52840 to [NRF5] sources

4272: STM32 NUCLEO boards with Ethernet connector: Solve conflict with D11 arduino pin

4286: Remove unsupported Coide exports

4293: Remove duplicate optimization flags in IAR export

4296: Update STM32 HAL f1 v1.5.0

4305: Increase STM32 timeout for SPI transfers

4310: Fix RAM vector table for NCS36510

4314: Fix timeout units in events timing test

4263: STM32F4xx: Consider all DMA ready/busy states in conditionals

4338: u-blox ODIN driver v1.3 RC2 for mbed OS 5

4353: Add static to nRF5 SDK11 macro definition

4366: Move duplicated AnalogIn and PwmOut to nRF52 directory

Using the release

You can fetch the mbed OS 5.4.6 release from the mbed-os GitHub repository, using the tag "mbed-os-5.4.6". Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback on this release on the forum, or to contact us at support@mbed.org.