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PhiloLogic is an XML database/search engine/web app that is designed for the particular difficulties of TEI XML. For a more theoretical description, you can refer to our research publications or our blog.

PhiloLogic 4.6 is now in maintenance mode and will likely no longer receive any update

See documentation


  • PhiloLogic4.6 will only work on Unix-based systems (Linux, *BSD) though MacOS is not supported and guaranteed to work.
  • PhiloLogic4.6 will only run on the Apache Webserver
  • PhiloLogic4.6 needs to run on Python 3.6 and up. For a Python 2 version, use the latest PhiloLogic 4.5 release.
  • The PhiloLogic4.6 Web App will only work on recent versions of web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge. No support for Internet Explorer.