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ASCOM Platform 6.4 - Service Pack 1

This release fixes issues in the original 6.4 release and adds a small number of new capabilities.

Platform Issues fixed

  • The "You must check driver configuration before first time use..." Chooser message now disappears properly when the Properties button is pressed.
  • Names used to refer to the Platform User Guide have been made consistent.
  • The installer finish screen now displays the correct error message under all circumstances where something goes wrong during the install.
  • Installer speed has been improved and an apparent hang, that occurred intermittently in the Platform 6.4 installer, has been fixed.
  • The Diagnostics Cache timing test failed on some systems, this has now been fixed.
  • The Diagnostics Focuser.Move test on the Platform 6 Focuser Simulator could fail intermittently on some systems, this has now been fixed.
  • A rare issue that prevented the Dome Simulator hand-box from appearing has been fixed.
  • Telescope Simulator
    • Non zero RightAscensionRate or DeclinationRate no longer set the mount Slewing property per the ASCOM Telescope specification.
    • SlewToCoordinates and SlewToCoordinatesAsync now update the TargetRightAscension and TargetDeclination properties per the ASCOM Telescope specification.
    • Fixed incorrect RA hand box display value when in Alt/Az mode.
    • Fixed failure to slew to the requested RA/Dec coordinates when in Alt/Az mode.
    • Initial startup position now correctly set when the simulator is started for the first time.
    • Formatting of Traffic form messages from the FindHome, InterfaceVersion, RightAscensionRate Get, SiteElevation, SiteLatitude, SyncToTarget and TrackingRate commands has been improved.
    • An unhandled exception when the mount was Parked and the hand box Home button was pushed has been replaced with a more user friendly message box warning.
    • Fixed some incorrectly classified Traffic form messages e.g. GuideRateDeclination and Get Altitude were classified as "Get" message types while GuideRateRightAscension and Get Azimuth were classified as "Other" types.
    • Added missing traffic message for "Get SideOfPier".
    • The Traffic form SiderealTime and TargetRightAscension messages now display the correct values.
  • Camera Simulator - The CCD will now reach the setpoint temperature in the default configuration.
  • The ASCOM logo has been restored to all start menu shortcuts. These went AWOL in the original Platform 6.4 release.
  • When simulator and Platform applications are running, the ASCOM logo has been restored to their associated task bar icons.

Development Issues fixed

  • Issues in the C# and VB Telescope.SiderealTime template code have been addressed.
  • An issue in commented out code in the VB test application template has been fixed.
  • Validation and clear messaging has been added to DeltaT(JulianDate) functions to reject dates outside the range 00:00:00 1 January 0100 to 23:59:59.999 31 December 9999.

New Capabilities

  • The installer now provides options to control whether Diagnostics and Profile Explorer desktop icons are created.
  • An article on the Observing Conditions Hub has been added to the Tools and Features help section.
  • On Windows 10, the Platform installer can now continue if .NET 3.5 is enabled while it is waiting for user action after displaying the .NET 3.5 is not enabled warning message. Previously the installer forced the installation to terminate.
  • The RemoveASCOM program can now be invoked directly from the installer command line through the /removeascom command line parameter. RemoveASCOM remains an emergency Platform removal tool that should only be used if normal Platform uninstall options fail.
  • RemoveASCOM now clears out more Platform installation debris than previously.
  • Telescope Simulator
    • New capability to specify the simulator start up position from these options: Home position, Park position, Configured startup position and Last used position.
    • Improved hand-box stop button icon.
  • Camera Simulator - Can now be configured through a new button on the setup form to deliver a variety of cooling behaviours and features:
    • Immediately goes to setpoint.
    • Newton's cooling curve to the setpoint.
    • Setpoint overshoot on cooling and undershoot on warming.
    • Setpoint is never reached.
    • Underdamped oscillatory behaviour.
    • Time to reach setpoint can be configured.
    • Setpoint and heat sink temperature random fluctuations can be configured.
    • The cooler configuration dialogue includes a graphical representation of the configured cooling curve.
    • If the setpoint is set in a configurable temperature range beyond the lowest achievable temperature, the cooler will bottom out at the lowest achievable temperature. An InvalidValueException will be thrown if an attempt is made to set the CCD temperature beyond the configured lowest settable temperature.