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"""tests to be performed
in the beginning of models/
the purpose of this module is to validate deployment of askbot
question: why not run these from askbot/
the main function is run_startup_tests
import sys
import os
import re
import urllib
import askbot
import south
from django.db import transaction, connection
from django.conf import settings as django_settings
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from askbot.utils.loading import load_module
from askbot.utils.functions import enumerate_string_list
from askbot.utils.url_utils import urls_equal
from urlparse import urlparse
PREAMBLE = """\n
* *
* Askbot self-test *
* *
FOOTER = """\n
If necessary, type ^C (Ctrl-C) to stop the program.
class AskbotConfigError(ImproperlyConfigured):
"""Prints an error with a preamble and possibly a footer"""
def __init__(self, error_message):
msg = PREAMBLE + error_message
if sys.__stdin__.isatty():
#print footer only when askbot is run from the shell
msg += FOOTER
super(AskbotConfigError, self).__init__(msg)
def askbot_warning(line):
"""prints a warning with the nice header, but does not quit"""
print >> sys.stderr, PREAMBLE + '\n' + line
def print_errors(error_messages, header = None, footer = None):
"""if there is one or more error messages,
raise ``class:AskbotConfigError`` with the human readable
contents of the message
* ``header`` - text to show above messages
* ``footer`` - text to show below messages
if len(error_messages) == 0:
if len(error_messages) > 1:
error_messages = enumerate_string_list(error_messages)
message = ''
if header: message += header + '\n'
message += 'Please attend to the following:\n\n'
message += '\n\n'.join(error_messages)
if footer:
message += '\n\n' + footer
raise AskbotConfigError(message)
def format_as_text_tuple_entries(items):
"""prints out as entries or tuple containing strings
ready for copy-pasting into say django settings file"""
return " '%s'," % "',\n '".join(items)
# *validate emails in
def test_askbot_url():
"""Tests the ASKBOT_URL setting for the
well-formedness and raises the :class:`AskbotConfigError`
exception, if the setting is not good.
url = django_settings.ASKBOT_URL
if url != '':
if isinstance(url, str) or isinstance(url, unicode):
msg = 'setting ASKBOT_URL must be of string or unicode type'
raise AskbotConfigError(msg)
if url == '/':
msg = 'value "/" for ASKBOT_URL is invalid. '+ \
'Please, either make ASKBOT_URL an empty string ' + \
'or a non-empty path, ending with "/" but not ' + \
'starting with "/", for example: "forum/"'
raise AskbotConfigError(msg)
except AssertionError:
msg = 'if ASKBOT_URL setting is not empty, ' + \
'it must end with /'
raise AskbotConfigError(msg)
assert(not url.startswith('/'))
except AssertionError:
msg = 'if ASKBOT_URL setting is not empty, ' + \
'it must not start with /'
def test_middleware():
"""Checks that all required middleware classes are
installed in the django file. If that is not the
case - raises an AskbotConfigError exception.
required_middleware = [
if 'debug_toolbar' in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
found_middleware = [x for x in django_settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
if x in required_middleware]
if found_middleware != required_middleware:
# either middleware is out of order or it's missing an item
missing_middleware_set = set(required_middleware) - set(found_middleware)
middleware_text = ''
if missing_middleware_set:
error_message = """\n\nPlease add the following middleware (listed after this message)
to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES variable in your site file.
The order the middleware records is important, please take a look at the example in\n\n"""
middleware_text = format_as_text_tuple_entries(missing_middleware_set)
# middleware is out of order
error_message = """\n\nPlease check the order of middleware closely.
The order the middleware records is important, please take a look at the example in
for the correct order.\n\n"""
raise AskbotConfigError(error_message + middleware_text)
#middleware that was used in the past an now removed
canceled_middleware = [
invalid_middleware = [x for x in canceled_middleware
if x in django_settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES]
if invalid_middleware:
error_message = """\n\nPlease remove the following middleware entries from
the list of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in your - these are not used any more:\n\n"""
middleware_text = format_as_text_tuple_entries(invalid_middleware)
raise AskbotConfigError(error_message + middleware_text)
def try_import(module_name, pypi_package_name, short_message = False):
"""tries importing a module and advises to install
A corresponding Python package in the case import fails"""
except ImportError, error:
message = 'Error: ' + unicode(error)
message += '\n\nPlease run: >pip install %s' % pypi_package_name
if short_message == False:
message += '\n\nTo install all the dependencies at once, type:'
message += '\npip install -r askbot_requirements.txt'
message += '\n\nType ^C to quit.'
raise AskbotConfigError(message)
def test_modules():
"""tests presence of required modules"""
from askbot import REQUIREMENTS
for module_name, pip_path in REQUIREMENTS.items():
try_import(module_name, pip_path)
def test_postgres():
"""Checks for the postgres buggy driver, version 2.4.2"""
if 'postgresql_psycopg2' in askbot.get_database_engine_name():
import psycopg2
version = psycopg2.__version__.split(' ')[0].split('.')
if version == ['2', '4', '2']:
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Please install psycopg2 version 2.4.1,\n version 2.4.2 has a bug'
elif version > ['2', '4', '2']:
pass #don't know what to do
pass #everythin is ok
def test_encoding():
"""prints warning if encoding error is not UTF-8"""
if hasattr(sys.stdout, 'encoding'):
if sys.stdout.encoding != 'UTF-8':
'Your output encoding is not UTF-8, there may be '
'issues with the software when anything is printed '
'to the terminal or log files'
def test_template_loader():
"""Sends a warning if you have an old style template
loader that used to send a warning"""
old_template_loader = 'askbot.skins.loaders.load_template_source'
if old_template_loader in django_settings.TEMPLATE_LOADERS:
raise AskbotConfigError(
"\nPlease change: \n"
"'askbot.skins.loaders.load_template_source', to\n"
"in the TEMPLATE_LOADERS of your file"
def test_celery():
"""Tests celery settings
todo: we are testing two things here
that correct name is used for the setting
and that a valid value is chosen
broker_backend = getattr(django_settings, 'BROKER_BACKEND', None)
broker_transport = getattr(django_settings, 'BROKER_TRANSPORT', None)
delay_time = getattr(django_settings, 'NOTIFICATION_DELAY_TIME', None)
delay_setting_info = 'The delay is in seconds - used to throttle ' + \
'instant notifications note that this delay will work only if ' + \
'celery daemon is running Please search about ' + \
'"celery daemon setup" for details'
if delay_time is None:
raise AskbotConfigError(
'\nPlease add to your\n' + \
if not isinstance(delay_time, int):
raise AskbotConfigError(
'\nNOTIFICATION_DELAY_TIME setting must have a numeric value\n' + \
if broker_backend is None:
if broker_transport is None:
raise AskbotConfigError(
"\nPlease add\n"
'BROKER_TRANSPORT = "djkombu.transport.DatabaseTransport"\n'
"or other valid value to your file"
#todo: check that broker transport setting is valid
if broker_backend != broker_transport:
raise AskbotConfigError(
"\nPlease rename setting BROKER_BACKEND to BROKER_TRANSPORT\n"
"in your file\n"
"If you have both in your - then\n"
"delete the BROKER_BACKEND setting and leave the BROKER_TRANSPORT"
if hasattr(django_settings, 'BROKER_BACKEND') and not hasattr(django_settings, 'BROKER_TRANSPORT'):
raise AskbotConfigError(
"\nPlease rename setting BROKER_BACKEND to BROKER_TRANSPORT\n"
"in your file"
def test_media_url():
"""makes sure that setting `MEDIA_URL`
has leading slash"""
media_url = django_settings.MEDIA_URL
#todo: add proper url validation to MEDIA_URL setting
if not (media_url.startswith('/') or media_url.startswith('http')):
raise AskbotConfigError(
"\nMEDIA_URL parameter must be a unique url on the site\n"
"and must start with a slash - e.g. /media/ or http(s)://"
class SettingsTester(object):
"""class to test contents of the file"""
def __init__(self, requirements = None):
"""loads the settings module and inits some variables
parameter `requirements` is a dictionary with keys
as setting names and values - another dictionary, which
has keys (optional, if noted and required otherwise)::
* required_value (optional)
* error_message
self.settings = load_module(os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'])
self.messages = list()
self.requirements = requirements
def test_setting(self, name,
value = None, message = None,
test_for_absence = False,
replace_hint = None
"""if setting does is not present or if the value != required_value,
adds an error message
if test_for_absence:
if hasattr(self.settings, name):
if replace_hint:
value = getattr(self.settings, name)
message += replace_hint % value
if not hasattr(self.settings, name):
elif value and getattr(self.settings, name) != value:
def run(self):
for setting_name in self.requirements:
if len(self.messages) != 0:
raise AskbotConfigError(
'\n\nTime to do some maintenance of your\n\n* ' +
'\n\n* '.join(self.messages)
def test_new_skins():
"""tests that there are no directories in the `askbot/skins`
because we've moved skin files a few levels up"""
askbot_root = askbot.get_install_directory()
for item in os.listdir(os.path.join(askbot_root, 'skins')):
item_path = os.path.join(askbot_root, 'skins', item)
if os.path.isdir(item_path):
raise AskbotConfigError(
('Time to move skin files from %s.\n'
'Now we have `askbot/templates` and `askbot/media`') % item_path
def test_staticfiles():
"""tests configuration of the staticfiles app"""
errors = list()
import django
django_version = django.VERSION
if django_version[0] == 1 and django_version[1] < 3:
staticfiles_app_name = 'staticfiles'
wrong_staticfiles_app_name = 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
try_import('staticfiles', 'django-staticfiles')
import staticfiles
if staticfiles.__version__[0] != 1:
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Please use the newest available version of '
'django-staticfiles app, type\n'
'pip install --upgrade django-staticfiles'
if not hasattr(django_settings, 'STATICFILES_STORAGE'):
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Configure STATICFILES_STORAGE setting as desired, '
'a reasonable default is\n'
staticfiles_app_name = 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
wrong_staticfiles_app_name = 'staticfiles'
if staticfiles_app_name not in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
'Add to the INSTALLED_APPS section of your\n'
" '%s'," % staticfiles_app_name
if wrong_staticfiles_app_name in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
'Remove from the INSTALLED_APPS section of your\n'
" '%s'," % wrong_staticfiles_app_name
static_url = django_settings.STATIC_URL or ''
if static_url is None or str(static_url).strip() == '':
'Add STATIC_URL setting to your file. '
'The setting must be a url at which static files '
'are accessible.'
url = urlparse(static_url).path
if not (url.startswith('/') and url.endswith('/')):
#a simple check for the url
'Path in the STATIC_URL must start and end with the /.'
if django_settings.ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX != static_url + 'admin/':
# django_settings.STATICFILES_DIRS can have strings or tuples
staticfiles_dirs = [d[1] if isinstance(d, tuple) else d
for d in django_settings.STATICFILES_DIRS]
default_skin_tuple = None
askbot_root = askbot.get_install_directory()
old_default_skin_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(askbot_root, 'skins'))
for dir_entry in django_settings.STATICFILES_DIRS:
if isinstance(dir_entry, tuple):
if dir_entry[0] == 'default/media':
default_skin_tuple = dir_entry
elif isinstance(dir_entry, str):
if os.path.abspath(dir_entry) == old_default_skin_dir:
'Remove from STATICFILES_DIRS in your file:\n' + dir_entry
askbot_root = os.path.dirname(askbot.__file__)
default_skin_media_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(askbot_root, 'media'))
if default_skin_tuple:
media_dir = default_skin_tuple[1]
if default_skin_media_dir != os.path.abspath(media_dir):
'Add to STATICFILES_DIRS the following entry: '
"('default/media', os.path.join(ASKBOT_ROOT, 'media')),"
extra_skins_dir = getattr(django_settings, 'ASKBOT_EXTRA_SKINS_DIR', None)
if extra_skins_dir is not None:
if not os.path.isdir(extra_skins_dir):
'Directory specified with settning ASKBOT_EXTRA_SKINS_DIR '
'must exist and contain your custom skins for askbot.'
if extra_skins_dir not in staticfiles_dirs:
'your file.\n'
'NOTE: it might be necessary to move the line with '
if django_settings.STATICFILES_STORAGE == \
if os.path.dirname(django_settings.STATIC_ROOT) == '':
#static root is needed only for local storoge of
#the static files
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Specify the static files directory '
'with setting STATIC_ROOT'
if errors:
'Run command (after fixing the above errors)\n'
' python collectstatic\n'
if django_settings.STATICFILES_STORAGE == \
if not os.path.isdir(django_settings.STATIC_ROOT):
'Please run command\n\n'
' python collectstatic'
def test_csrf_cookie_domain():
"""makes sure that csrf cookie domain setting is acceptable"""
#todo: maybe use the same steps to clean domain name
csrf_cookie_domain = django_settings.CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN
if csrf_cookie_domain is None or str(csrf_cookie_domain.strip()) == '':
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Please add settings CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAN and CSRF_COOKIE_NAME '
'settings - both are required. '
'CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN must match the domain name of yor site, '
'without the http(s):// prefix and without the port number.\n'
'Examples: \n'
if csrf_cookie_domain == 'localhost':
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Please do not use value "localhost" for the setting '
'instead use, a real IP '
'address or domain name.'
'\nThe value must match the network location you type in the '
'web browser to reach your site.'
if re.match(r'https?://', csrf_cookie_domain):
raise AskbotConfigError(
'please remove http(s):// prefix in the CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN '
if ':' in csrf_cookie_domain:
raise AskbotConfigError(
'Please do not use port number in the CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN '
def test_settings_for_test_runner():
"""makes sure that debug toolbar is disabled when running tests"""
errors = list()
if 'debug_toolbar' in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
'When testing - remove debug_toolbar from INSTALLED_APPS'
if 'debug_toolbar.middleware.DebugToolbarMiddleware' in \
'When testing - remove debug_toolbar.middleware.DebugToolbarMiddleware '
def test_avatar():
"""if "avatar" is in the installed apps,
checks that the module is actually installed"""
if 'avatar' in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
try_import('Image', 'PIL', short_message = True)
'-e git+git://',
short_message = True
def test_haystack():
if 'haystack' in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
try_import('haystack', 'django-haystack', short_message = True)
if getattr(django_settings, 'ENABLE_HAYSTACK_SEARCH', False):
errors = list()
if not hasattr(django_settings, 'HAYSTACK_SEARCH_ENGINE'):
message = "Please HAYSTACK_SEARCH_ENGINE to an appropriate value, value 'simple' can be used for basic testing"
if not hasattr(django_settings, 'HAYSTACK_SITECONF'):
message = 'Please add HAYSTACK_SITECONF = ""'
footer = 'Please refer to haystack documentation at'
print_errors(errors, footer=footer)
def test_custom_user_profile_tab():
tab_settings = getattr(django_settings, setting_name, None)
if tab_settings:
if not isinstance(tab_settings, dict):
print "Setting %s must be a dictionary!!!" % setting_name
name = tab_settings.get('NAME', None)
slug = tab_settings.get('SLUG', None)
func_name = tab_settings.get('CONTENT_GENERATOR', None)
errors = list()
if (name is None) or (not(isinstance(name, basestring))):
errors.append("%s['NAME'] must be a string" % setting_name)
if (slug is None) or (not(isinstance(slug, str))):
errors.append("%s['SLUG'] must be an ASCII string" % setting_name)
if urllib.quote_plus(slug) != slug:
"%s['SLUG'] must be url safe, make it simple" % setting_name
func = load_module(func_name)
except ImportError:
errors.append("%s['CONTENT_GENERATOR'] must be a dotted path to a function" % setting_name)
header = 'Custom user profile tab is configured incorrectly in your file'
footer = 'Please carefully read about adding a custom user profile tab.'
print_errors(errors, header = header, footer = footer)
def get_tinymce_sample_config():
"""returns the sample configuration for TinyMCE
as string"""
askbot_root = askbot.get_install_directory()
file_path = os.path.join(
askbot_root, 'setup_templates', ''
config_file = open(file_path, 'r')
sample_config =
return sample_config
def test_tinymce():
"""tests the tinymce editor setup"""
errors = list()
if 'tinymce' not in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
errors.append("add 'tinymce', to the INSTALLED_APPS")
required_attrs = (
missing_attrs = list()
for attr in required_attrs:
if not hasattr(django_settings, attr):
if missing_attrs:
errors.append('add missing settings: %s' % ', '.join(missing_attrs))
#check compressor setting
compressor_on = getattr(django_settings, 'TINYMCE_COMPRESSOR', False)
if compressor_on is False:
errors.append('add line: TINYMCE_COMPRESSOR = True')
#todo: add pointer to instructions on how to debug tinymce:
#1) add ('tiny_mce', os.path.join(ASKBOT_ROOT, 'media/js/tinymce')),
#2) add this to the main urlconf:
# (
# r'^m/(?P<path>.*)$',
# 'django.views.static.serve',
# {'document_root': static_root}
# ),
#3) set `TINYMCE_COMPRESSOR = False`
#4) set DEBUG = False
#then - tinymce compressing will be disabled and it will
#be possible to debug custom tinymce plugins that are used with askbot
config = getattr(django_settings, 'TINYMCE_DEFAULT_CONFIG', None)
if config:
if 'convert_urls' in config:
if config['convert_urls'] is not False:
message = "set 'convert_urls':False in TINYMCE_DEFAULT_CONFIG"
message = "add to TINYMCE_DEFAULT_CONFIG\n'convert_urls': False,"
#check js root setting - before version 0.7.44 we used to have
#"common" skin and after we combined it into the default
js_root = getattr(django_settings, 'TINYMCE_JS_ROOT', '')
old_relative_js_path = 'common/media/js/tinymce/'
relative_js_path = 'default/media/js/tinymce/'
expected_js_root = os.path.join(django_settings.STATIC_ROOT, relative_js_path)
old_expected_js_root = os.path.join(django_settings.STATIC_ROOT, old_relative_js_path)
if os.path.normpath(js_root) != os.path.normpath(expected_js_root):
error_tpl = "add line: TINYMCE_JS_ROOT = os.path.join(STATIC_ROOT, '%s')"
if os.path.normpath(js_root) == os.path.normpath(old_expected_js_root):
error_tpl += '\nNote: we have moved files from "common" into "default"'
errors.append(error_tpl % relative_js_path)
#check url setting
url = getattr(django_settings, 'TINYMCE_URL', '')
expected_url = django_settings.STATIC_URL + relative_js_path
old_expected_url = django_settings.STATIC_URL + old_relative_js_path
if urls_equal(url, expected_url) is False:
error_tpl = "add line: TINYMCE_URL = STATIC_URL + '%s'"
if urls_equal(url, old_expected_url):
error_tpl += '\nNote: we have moved files from "common" into "default"'
errors.append(error_tpl % relative_js_path)
if errors:
header = 'Please add the tynymce editor configuration ' + \
'to your file.'
footer = 'You might want to use this sample configuration ' + \
'as template:\n\n' + get_tinymce_sample_config()
print_errors(errors, header=header, footer=footer)
def test_longerusername():
"""tests proper installation of the "longerusername" app
errors = list()
if 'longerusername' not in django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
"add 'longerusername', as the first item in the INSTALLED_APPS"
index = django_settings.INSTALLED_APPS.index('longerusername')
if index != 0:
message = "move 'longerusername', to the beginning of INSTALLED_APPS"
raise AskbotConfigError(message)
if errors:
errors.append('run "python migrate longerusername"')
def run_startup_tests():
"""function that runs
all startup tests, mainly checking settings config so far
#todo: refactor this when another test arrives
settings_tester = SettingsTester({
'value': True,
'message': "add line CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY = True"
'USE_I18N': {
'value': True,
'message': 'Please set USE_I18N = True and\n'
'set the LANGUAGE_CODE parameter correctly'
'message': 'add setting LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL - an url\n'
'where you want to send users after they log in\n'
'a reasonable default is\n'
'test_for_absence': True,
'message': 'Please replace setting ASKBOT_FILE_UPLOAD_DIR ',
'replace_hint': "with MEDIA_ROOT = '%s'"
'test_for_absence': True,
'message': 'Please replace setting ASKBOT_UPLOADED_FILES_URL ',
'replace_hint': "with MEDIA_URL = '/%s'"
'value': True,
'message': 'Please add: RECAPTCHA_USE_SSL = True'
'value': '',
'message': 'Please add: HAYSTACK_SITECONF = ""'
if ' test' in ' '.join(sys.argv):
def run():
"""runs all the startup procedures"""
except AskbotConfigError, error:
print error
from askbot.models import badges
except Exception, error:
print error
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