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"""Definitions of Celery tasks in Askbot
in this module there are two types of functions:
* those wrapped with a @task decorator and a ``_celery_task`` suffix - celery tasks
* those with the same base name, but without the decorator and the name suffix
the actual work units run by the task
Celery tasks are special functions in a way that they require all the parameters
be serializable - so instead of ORM objects we pass object id's and
instead of query sets - lists of ORM object id's.
That is the reason for having two types of methods here:
* the base methods (those without the decorator and the
``_celery_task`` in the end of the name
are work units that are called from the celery tasks.
* celery tasks - shells that reconstitute the necessary ORM
objects and call the base methods
import sys
import traceback
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
from django.template import Context
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
from celery.decorators import task
from askbot.conf import settings as askbot_settings
from askbot import const
from askbot import mail
from askbot.models import Post, Thread, User, ReplyAddress
from askbot.models.badges import award_badges_signal
# TODO: Make exceptions raised inside record_post_update_celery_task() ...
# ... propagate upwards to test runner, if only CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER = True
# (i.e. if Celery tasks are not deferred but executed straight away)
@task(ignore_result = True)
def notify_author_of_published_revision_celery_task(revision):
#todo: move this to ``askbot.mail`` module
#for answerable email only for now, because
#we don't yet have the template for the read-only notification
if askbot_settings.REPLY_BY_EMAIL:
#generate two reply codes (one for edit and one for addition)
#to format an answerable email or not answerable email
reply_options = {
'reply_action': 'append_content'
append_content_address = ReplyAddress.objects.create_new(
reply_options['reply_action'] = 'replace_content'
replace_content_address = ReplyAddress.objects.create_new(
#populate template context variables
reply_code = append_content_address + ',' + replace_content_address
if == 'question':
mailto_link_subject =
mailto_link_subject = _('An edit for my answer')
#todo: possibly add more mailto thread headers to organize messages
prompt = _('To add to your post EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE')
reply_separator_line = const.SIMPLE_REPLY_SEPARATOR_TEMPLATE % prompt
data = {
'site_name': askbot_settings.APP_SHORT_NAME,
'replace_content_address': replace_content_address,
'reply_separator_line': reply_separator_line,
'mailto_link_subject': mailto_link_subject,
'reply_code': reply_code
#load the template
from askbot.skins.loaders import get_template
template = get_template('email/notify_author_about_approved_post.html')
#todo: possibly add headers to organize messages in threads
headers = {'Reply-To': append_content_address}
#send the message
subject_line = _('Your post at %(site_name)s is now published') % data,
body_text = template.render(Context(data)),
recipient_list = [,],
related_object = revision,
activity_type = const.TYPE_ACTIVITY_EMAIL_UPDATE_SENT,
headers = headers
@task(ignore_result = True)
def record_post_update_celery_task(
newly_mentioned_user_id_list = None,
updated_by_id = None,
timestamp = None,
created = False,
diff = None,
#reconstitute objects from the database
updated_by = User.objects.get(id=updated_by_id)
post_content_type = ContentType.objects.get(id=post_content_type_id)
post = post_content_type.get_object_for_this_type(id=post_id)
newly_mentioned_users = User.objects.filter(
notify_sets = post.get_notify_sets(
#todo: take into account created == True case
#update_object is not used
(activity_type, update_object) = post.get_updated_activity_data(created)
except Exception:
# HACK: exceptions from Celery job don't propagate upwards
# to the Django test runner
# so at least let's print tracebacks
print >>sys.stderr, traceback.format_exc()
@task(ignore_result = True)
def record_question_visit(
question_post = None,
user = None,
update_view_count = False):
"""celery task which records question visit by a person
updates view counter, if necessary,
and awards the badges associated with the
question visit
#1) maybe update the view count
#question_post = Post.objects.filter(
# id = question_post_id
if update_view_count:
if user.is_anonymous():
#2) question view count per user and clear response displays
#user = User.objects.get(id = user_id)
if user.is_authenticated():
#get response notifications
#3) send award badges signal for any badges
#that are awarded for question views
event = 'view_question',
actor = user,
context_object = question_post,
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