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"""place for the API calls into askbot
at this point most of the useful functions are still
in the askbot.models module, but
api must become a place to manupulate the data in the askbot application
so that other implementations of the data storage could be possible
from django.db.models import Q
from askbot import models
from askbot import const
def get_info_on_moderation_items(user):
"""returns a dictionary with
counts of new and seen moderation items for a given user
if user is not a moderator or admin, returns None
if user.is_anonymous():
return None
if not(user.is_moderator() or user.is_administrator()):
return None
messages = models.ActivityAuditStatus.objects.filter(
activity__activity_type = const.TYPE_ACTIVITY_MARK_OFFENSIVE,
user = user
seen_count = messages.filter(
status = models.ActivityAuditStatus.STATUS_SEEN
new_count = messages.filter(
status = models.ActivityAuditStatus.STATUS_NEW
return {
'seen_count': seen_count,
'new_count': new_count
def get_admin(seed_user_id = None):
"""returns user objects with id == seed_user_id
if the user with that id is not an administrator,
the function will try to find another admin or moderator
who has the smallest user id
if the user is not found, or there are no moderators/admins
User.DoesNotExist will be raised
The reason this function is here and not on a manager of
the user object is because we still patch the django-auth User table
and it's probably better not to patch the manager
if seed_user_id:
user = models.User.objects.get(id = seed_user_id)#let it raise error here
if user.is_administrator() or user.is_moderator():
return user
return models.User.objects.filter(
Q(is_superuser=True) | Q(status='m')
except IndexError:
raise models.User.DoesNotExist(
"""Please add a moderator or an administrator to the forum first
there don't seem to be any"""
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