GPIO PWM generator for AR9331 devices
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PWM generator using AR9331 hardware timer.

gpio-pwm-ar9331 is an OpenWRT kernel module which provides PWM output on any AR9331 SoC GPIO pin with up to 125 kHz frequency.


  1. Build it using OpenWRT Buildroot.
  2. Upload package to device using your favorite method.
  3. Run opkg install kmod-gpio-pwm-ar9331_<version>.ipk where <version> is version of a package.


  1. Clone this repository to buildrootdir/package (i.e. cd /path/to/buildroot/ then cd package/ and git clone
  2. Run make menuconfig and select Kernel modules ---> then Other modules ---> and finally kmod-gpio-pwm-ar9331. Select other packages if needed and exit the dialog.
  3. Run make
  4. Install the freshly built firmware to BlackSwift.

##Initialisation insmod gpio-sqwave
Default is timer 3


Start: echo "+ <timer> <GPIO> <freq> <pos>" > /sys/kernel/debug/pwm-ar9331
timer is timer number (one of 0, 1, 2, 3), GPIO is GPIO number, freq is square wave frequency in Hz, pos is a number between 0 and 65536 representing duty cycle. At different frequencies it can generate up to 16 bit PWM Maximum frequency with 200 MHz system bus (default clock) is 125 kHz; high settings may result in performance penalty or watchdog reset.

Example: to blink Black Swift's system LED with 1 Hz frequency at around 1/2 duty cycle using timer 0: echo "+ 0 27 1 3000" > /sys/kernel/debug/pwm-ar9331

Stop: echo - > /sys/kernel/debug/pwm-ar9331

Status: echo ? > /sys/kernel/debug/pwm-ar9331