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Autonomous agent environment for Python summerschool.

Coding conventions

  • Docstrings should follow the Numpy convention
  • Use old-style print statement (not the function)
  • For internal messages, use the logging module with an appropriate logging level, which makes their appearance completely configurable.
  • Use old-style format-string, i.e. "%s" % (val)) instead of "{0}".format(val)


Layout and Branch Model

We use the gitflow model with the following settings:

  • Branch name for production releases: [master]
  • Branch name for "next release" development: [develop]
  • How to name your supporting branch prefixes?
  • Feature branches? [feature/]
  • Release branches? [release/]
  • Hotfix branches? [hotfix/]
  • Support branches? [support/]
  • Version tag prefix? [v]

Only feature/ branches are subject to rebase/rewind. All others should remain stable

Commit Markers

Commits should be marked. Declare both functionality and area.

Functionality Markers

  • BF : bug fix
  • RF : refactoring
  • NF : new feature
  • ENH : enhancement of an existing feature/facility
  • BW : addresses backward-compatibility
  • OPT : optimization
  • BK : breaks something and/or tests fail
  • FO : code formatting (adding spaces etc.)
  • PL : making pylint happier

Code Area Markers

  • DOC : documentation
  • UT : unit tests
  • BLD : build-system,
  • GIT : repository mods, e.g. .gitconfig .gitattributes


  • DOC/ENH: add initial


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