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##What is it? <asq-highlight-q> element can be used to to create, deliver and validate highlighting exercises utilizing an Ace editor. It can be used in everything that has to do with languages from Programming exercises to English grammar exercises. It started as a summer project by @margaritaG and has now evolved to an editor with edit, highglight and heatmap capabilities.

##Overview The lifecycle of a highlight question consists of:

  • authoring: Use the asq-highlight-q editor to create a question with highlighting tasks.Copy the resulting microformat snippet to your presentation and upload it on ASQ.
  • Presentation: During presentation students answer highlight questions while the results can be visualized on the instructors machine with a heatmap.

#Architecture ASQ-Highlight comprises three main components:

  • highlight manager: The manager interfaces with the ace editor API and implements the highlighting functionality.
  • highlight: The definition for the asq-highlight question type that can be plugged into ASQ and interfaces with the highlight manager.
  • editor: Used to create highlight questions, also interfaces with the highlgiht manager.

##Developer Run the main grunttask to get started:

> git clone
> cd asq-highlight-q
> npm install
> grunt

The default task builds dust templates, less stylesheets and JavaScript and will watch for any changes in these source files rebuilding them as necessary.


ASQ Highlight question type element.






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