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Table of Contents


Creating an account

Installing and Activating question type plugins

Your first presentation


Make sure you have install ASQ following our installation guide

Creating an account

  1. Visit the root URL of your installation.
  2. Click 'sign up for ASQ'.
  3. Fill in the form and the then click 'Create account'. You have successfully created your first user.

Installing and activating question type plugins

By default enabled plugins are:

Depending on the question types your users use in their presentations, you will need to install and enable more question type plugins.

1. Download a question type plugin.

The vast majority of question type plugins can be found under the ASQ-USI-Elements Github organization. You can download a plugin either using the git clone command

git clone<repo-name>

or by using Github's Download ZIP button on the repository's page.

2. Move to the plugins directory.

Move the downloaded directory to the plugins directory of your ASQ installation

3. Install dependencies and activation

a. Go to /<username>/settings/plugins on your ASQ website. You should be able to see your new plugin under the plugins list. b. Click install to install the plugin's dependencies and/or activate to activate it. Pro tip: You can click directly activate to install and activate a plugin at once.

Your first presentation

1. Getting the presentation files

  1. Download an example presentation that contains examples of various question types from here
  2. Modify it to suit your needs
  3. Install dependencies with
# change '/presentation/dir' with the path to your presentation
cd /presentation/dir
bower install

2. Upload your presentation

  1. Compress your presentation into a zip file.
  2. Log into ASQ.
  3. Click upload and upload your presentation.

Uploading through curl

Sometimes, especially when testing a new presentation, uploading a presentation through the form can be tedious. We're working to make this a less painful process but for the time being you can also use curl. You can see the command to execute in the /upload page (you should be logged in).

3. Start your presentation

  1. Go to your presentations, Click on the presentation you want to start and click on the 'start' button.
  2. Users can connect on your presentation by going to http(s)://<your_host>:<your_port>/<your_username>/live
  3. That's it!