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An R package providing the ASRC NYS Atmospheric Chemistry Database
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The ASRC NYS Atmospheric Chemistry Database

The ASRC NYS Atmospheric Chemistry Database is a PostgreSQL database containing atmospheric chemistry data from ASRC sites in New York State.

The nysatmoschem R package provides utilities to reproduce the database, along with functions to generate various reports and processed datasets, and tools to visualize the data.


nysatmoschem builds on the etl package and follows the etl syntax and design structure. To reproduce the database, run etl_create() with a nysatmoschem dataset object. Users require a username and password to download the data, which can be obtained from the ASRC AQM Data Products page.


# create a postgres database connection and nysatmoschem dataset object
dbcon = src_postgres(dbname = 'nysacdb', user = 'user')
nysac = etl('nysatmoschem', db = dbcon, dir = 'data')

# set up the database and add data from the ASRC's atmoschem server
nysac %>% etl_create(user = 'user', password = 'pass')


Install nysatmoschem from R using the remotes package:


The package requires the PostgreSQL server to be running locally, and the database user account must have the required postgres privileges.


nysatmoschem is released under the open source MIT license.

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