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A game engine written in C# using the XNA technology. Includes a 3D rendering system, physics engine, and AI implementation. Is designed specifically for Hunt the Wumpus variant games although could be adapted for other needs. Check out the website here. Won the best Hunt the Wumpus Game at the Microsoft Hunt the Wumpus competition.

The Wumpus Game Engine is a comprehensive 3D XNA game engine. While it was designed for the Hunt the Wumpus game it can easily be changed to suite the needs of any other game due to the highly extensible and adaptable code. The Hunt the Wumpus Game code is completely abstracted from the rest of the code.

In the engine there are four main components: rendering, physics, editing, and AI. They all work together to make an easy to use game engine. Your own scenes can easily be created through the in game editor which allows importing custom meshes and customizing all graphics settings. Game mechanics can then be implemented in code through interfacing with the Wumpus Game Engine. The engine abstracts all of the rendering, physics, and AI code so attention can be focused on implementing gameplay alone. However, if you wanted to change fundemental engine code you totally could.

  • Controls for the game can be found here
  • Pictures of the engine in action can be found here


  • Deferred rendering
  • Screen space ambient occlusion
  • Shading with specular, diffuse, and ambbient lighting model
  • Custom mesh rendering
  • Can support thousands of lights at once with the deferred rendering system
  • Point lights
  • Spot lights
  • Directional lights
  • Custom texture rendering
  • Customizable GPU particle systems
  • Post processing effects
  • Shadow mapping using the cascade shadow mapping technique. Supported for...
  • Lens flares
  • Water plane effects
  • Mesh and light culling


Comes equiped with a full fledged physics system. Collisions, constraints, and movement are all implemented. You can even define your own physics data.


AI are equiped to use path finding techniques, do graph navigation, have states and much more.

In Game Editor

Change every aspect of the scene with the in game editor. Whether it be as samll as the the particle rotational velocity in a particle system or as major as post processing effects. No coding necessary!


The prerequisites for running this project are Visual Studio 2010 and the XNA 4.0 runtime. Once both of these are obtained go download the project then open the .sln file with Visual Studio 2010. Then run the project in Visual Studio 2010.


Below: Beautiful scenes with complex shading which are completely customizable through the in game editor. alt

Below: A heavy bloom is applied as a post processing effect. Use post processing effects to change the mood of the scene. Make these changes in a few simple steps. No programming required. alt

Below: Tone mapping applied to the scene to create a more gloomy atmosphere. alt

Below: A spot light is illuminating the scene. alt

Below: A sun flare can be seen shining down on the scene. alt

Below: Water in a scene. alt

Below: Natural sunlight beating down on the scene. alt

Below: Fire particle system in a scene. alt

Below: Transparent object materials are fully supported. alt

Below: Thousands of lights are supported at once. alt

Below: Dynamic show casting at work alt

Below: Further demonstration of a shadows for a complex object. alt

Below: Spot light illuminating a part of a scene. alt

Below: Even in a dark lighting environment the scene looks great. alt

Below: Import your own custom game models. alt

Blocks resting on top of each other alt

Below: A fully customized scene alt

Below: Debug settings of a scene with light position and type being displayed in the 3D environment. alt

Below: Debug settings showing the render culling bounding boxes for meshes and lights. alt

Below: An intractable flare object in a scene. alt

Below: The first person view with the overlaying UI in the Hunt the Wumpus game. alt


A game engine written in C# using the XNA technology. Designed specifically for Hunt the Wumpus variant games.







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