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Beacons of Catan

WIP. This is my 3d printed LED project for Settlers view the complete log here: Website log

updated schematic of Hex Tile guts: tile schematic


  • 3d Printing a Settlers of Catan board using Ultimaker 2+ Extended
  • 3d Printed Chits (roll numbers) to have LED display, wire thise to the base of the tile
  • 3d Printed player set for Settlements, Cities, Roads (using Warcraft/Starcraft set)
  • LED lights at the bases of the Tiles, printed in clear filament
  • 3x6mm diametric magnets in the Hex bases.
  • Accelerometer digital dice
  • Robber to de-activate the Digital Chit -> remove any LED lighting trigger
  • Still use game paper cards, development cards
  • Still would like users to pay attention, alike the real game, if the user does not pay attention and grab their own - resource, they don't get it (so no need to actively keep log)
  • Fair rolls option

Every tile will have either a beacon transmitter or a beacon receiver, depending how I want to design it.. A phone app can send the beacon signals to each individual tile to trigger it to light up, after the dice_roll() function and dice_roll_value is returned. The Tile_id with chit_value === dice_roll_value will trigger the LEDs to light up for a short amount of time.

dice_roll_value will be evaluated in another object/table on the app or a Pi. It will then know which ID to send the LED function to the beacon major to true



dice {
  dice_roll_value = array


tile {
  id: integer, unique
  LED: boolean

Example of a tile object:

Tile {
id: 14,
LED: false,

From a beacon perspective it will look like this:

Tile UUID: a7585613-22e5-4203-bdc9-f954e2504083
minor: 14,
major: false,

Game setup:

User story is: Game setup:

  • User uses app, generates boards, user will organize the board accordingly
  • Once board is set, need to assign every tile the correct number of Chits (store in chit_value) and will display on the MicroLED device. The board will have to match the generated map and this is based on Human not being an idiot.
  • Players use regular rules to set up the Game (player 1 goes first and last, player 4 goes 4th and 5th etc)
  • Game will have an object/hashes to coordinate each tile with a chit_value
  • MicroLED module will have to light up according to the chit_value

-Submodule interpreter for generating the map and transmitting/receiving signal can either live as an apk on the phone or on a Pi. It would be cool to use to generate and broadcast a nearby URL the generated map setup

Game starts:

  1. Player shakes the dice, activates the Accelerometers,
  2. Accelerometer stops after it has been shaken calls a dice_roll()
  3. A dice_roll() will generate dice1 = rand(1..6) twice and add the sum to push a value for array diceRoll
  4. Iterate through all tiles (or call the tiles directly from ID when matches)
  if (diceRoll[i] === chit_value) {
    LED on for


-Individual Tiles of the Settlers game -BLE Beacons in every land Tile -Accelerometers in black dice -Deactivator mechanism for the Robber

Thingiverse file links

Game: Case : Number tiles:

Game Pieces:

Chinese: Medieval: Future: WARCRAFT/STARCRAFT:

Dice: just need to print some cubes and place an accelerometer and a lithium ion battery (or have it chargable by USB-C). USB-C Master Race

References: Gamepieces count:

Use Radbeacons as game 1-12 chips Microbit LED for the Chit or Resource Number display Use a Catan-randomizer to order the map accordingly

Filament: Argos 2.75mm or 3mm pla


To Paint:

  • Four (4) Fields (Grain Resource) Hexes.
  • Four (4) Forest (Lumber Resource) Hexes.
  • Three (3) Mountains (Ore Resource) Hexes.

To Prime

  • One (1) Desert (No Resource) Hex.

Printing queue:

  • Three (3) Hills (Brick Resource) Hexes.

To Print:

  • [] Four (4) Pasture (Wool Resource) Hexes.
  • [] Nine (9) regular sea hexes
  • [] # Harbor Sea hexes
  • [] # 1 of each 2:1 port
  • [] # 3:1 ports


3d printed Catan map with LEDs and Accelerometer dice



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