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Short course in web (browser) mapping using React
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Short course in web (browser) mapping using React

What can you do with JavaScript?

  • You can fly a drone.
  • You could write an Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE).
  • Facebook is built with React.

Learn JS to do everythign from writing your first JS line of code to writing your own component of a web mapping library in React.

Go advanced and take your skills to the level of using dashbords to analyse spatial data, bring your own data analysis backend or learn R to analyse data using R4TS.

Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 15 36 01

Course content:

  • Beginner
    • Why JS? (day 1)
    • Quick intro to JS (day 1)
    • Quick intro into NodeJS (day 1)
    • Quick intro into modern web front-end frameworks (ReactJS) (day 1)
    • A quick dive into ReactJS (day 2)
    • Web mapping (core of the course) (day 2)
    • Visualizing data using Leaflet/MapBoxGL (day 2)
  • Advanced
    • Coming...

Inspirations taken from E.W Dijkstra.

It has been remarked to me (to my great regret. I cannot remember by whom and so I am unable to give credit where it seems due) that once a person has understood the way in which variables are used in programming, he has understood the quintessence of programming. ~ O. J. Dahl, E. W. Dijkstra, and C. A. R. Hoare (Eds.). 1972. Structured Programming. (p11)

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