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AtlantBH Custom JMeter Components

What is it?

AtlantBH Custom JMeter Components is a set of JMeter extensions developed by AtlantBH that currently includes:

  • OAuth Sampler

  • REST Sampler

  • JMS Tools (Java Request Sampler)

  • JSON to XML Converter

  • XML Format Post-processor

  • HDFS Operations Sampler

  • HBase Scan Sampler

  • HBase RowKey Sampler

  • Hadoop Job Tracker Sampler

  • HBase CRUD Sampler

  • JSON utils (JSON Path Assertion, JSON Path Extractor, JSON Formatter)

  • JTL Results Parser


  • Java 1.6 or greater

  • JMeter 2.9

  • Maven 3.0 or greater

Build Instructions

  • Go to the top-level directory of the project and run:
    mvn clean install
  • All components will be compiled in the 'target' subdirectory.

Installation Instructions

  • Copy the compiled jar (atlantbh-components-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar) from the 'target' directory to the '/lib/ext' directory in your local JMeter installation.

  • Copy all the jars from the 'target/lib' directory to the 'lib' directory in your local JMeter installation.

To test that everything is installed correctly, try adding the OAuth Sampler in a JMeter test plan (JMeter menu -> Edit -> Add -> Sampler -> OAuth Sampler).

Licensing and legal issues

Copyright 2011 AtlantBH

AtlantBH Custom Jmeter Components is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For legal and licensing issues, please look the files: