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+# Contributing
+So you want to contribute to ATLauncher? Well here are a few ways you can help make this project better!
+## Sending pull requests
+If you wish to send in a pull request, please keep in mind the below guidelines:
+- [Coding/Style Guidelines](
+- [Testing Guidelines](
+## Beta testing
+If you wish to help out with testing ATLauncher, please visit our IRC channel #ATLauncher-Testing on EsperNet and/or
+visiting our [build server]( to get the latest versions of the launcher you can test out and
+create issues if you find any.
+## Translations
+If you wish to help with translating ATLauncher, please take a look at our
+[Translations repository](
+## Community
+If you want to help in other ways, you can always visit our [forums]( or
+[subreddit]( and just be generally helpful.
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[![Build Status](](
## What is it?
ATLauncher is a Launcher for Minecraft which integrates multiple different ModPacks to allow you to download and install
ModPacks easily and quickly.
@@ -16,6 +15,12 @@ ModPacks easily and quickly.
## Coding Standards & Styling Guidelines
Please see the []( file for coding standards and style guidelines.
+## Contributing to ATLauncher
+If you wish to contribute to ATLauncher in any way, take a look at [](
+## Testing
+Please see the []( file for information on how we write tests.
## Building
### Windows
#### Requirements
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+# Testing
+While we haven't worked too much on testing in the past, we'd like to change that. Below is a simple set of rules we try
+to follow when making tests.
+## Directory structure
+When creating tests for a class it should be placed in the '/src/test/java/' folder within it's correct package name
+For instance a test for 'com.atlauncher.SomeClass' would go in '/src/test/java/com/atlauncher/'.
+## Filenames of tests
+Tests should be named after their class name with 'Test' appended to it in the correct directory structure explained
+For instance a test for 'SomeClass' would be 'SomeClassTest'.
+## Writing test classes
+When writing a test class you're free to do as you please.
+When testing a classes methods we tend to stick to a method name of 'testMethodName' for testing a method in the class
+of 'methodName'.
+When testing something that isn't a classes method (such as an overall test of the class) we use helpful method names
+which explain what the test does. For example 'testsThatADoesBWhenCDoesD'.
+The best example for writing up test classes is to take a look at something existing and going from there.
+## Testing with files
+If you need to test with files, then you can add the below to the top of your test class to get access to a temporary
+folder to work in.
+public TemporaryFolder temporaryFolder = new TemporaryFolder();
+private Path testStorage;
+public void setUp() throws Exception {
+ testStorage = temporaryFolder.newFolder("ATLauncherTests").toPath();
+## Is this necessary?
+While this isn't necessary, and we won't deny pull requests simply because it's not tested, we generally appreciate any
+large changes or any addition of new classes to have tests in order to help us know that everything is running fine.
+If you're not good at writing tests or don't know how (hey we're like that too) then feel free to just not do it,
+someone might do it for you at some point.

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