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********************* ATMOS - Find an Electric Car Charging Station Near You ********************* ATMOS This website and app are designed with a new 'green' startup in mind.
Concept and Deployment Phase I: It is intended to provide the nearest electric car charging stations nearest the user.
Phase II: Additional elements to be added are...

Design Process: Planning Prior to building, the team determined our concept by brainstorming ideas. We then hashed out the concept further by asking if it has real world relevance, what makes it different from other websites and apps and determined the different team interests and skill sets to ensure project success. Research Team members began research various API's for Geolocation, climate change, weather, endangered animals etc. We reviewed the documentation to determine ease of use and whether or not it met the project requirements and needs The UI/UX designer researched multiple different CSS frameworks to determine the one with varied colors and flexibility that was desired for this site. Exploration, researching and tutorials and testing were done for Foundation, Materialize, Pure, Bulma, and Semantic Build All coding work was done concurrently. The UI/UX design was initiated as soon as the planning phase was completed as it had other code dependencies. Meanwhile, the API, Firebase/Forms code work was also being developed. The team then came together and began merging files to compile the code and test the finaL site. Testing/QA Each individual Developer did initial testing on individual parts of code prior to merging it into the overall site master. Then once uploaded, additional testing and review was executed on the site overall to ensure everything was functioning correctly and efficiently. Implementation Upon completeion of testing, the site was implemented via GitHub Pages:

Built With Materialize - the web framework used HTML, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS API's: National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Alternate Fuel Stations; Google Maps - Geocode

Authors Jason Aron Khaled Mamun Amy Sterry Davis Troxler

Contributing If you would like to add and idea or comment to this website, please contact us using the Contact section of the website for a prompt response or via email at

Acknowledgments Special thanks to the Professors and Teacher Assistants at UNC Chapel Hill Andre Asselin Kevin Collins Michael Dinh Daniel Kim David Palmquist Zach Rickards


ATMOS (Project1) - Climate change monitoring app



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