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Chatapp - "HelperBot"

This is a simple Heroku / Node app that watches our local chat server and performs a handful of helpful functions. It began life as a push notification server for a chat app but has grown from there. The push notifications (via Websockets) are still in place but are commented out to save resources - feel free to turn them back on and deploy a new version if you prefer.

Thanks to Getting Started with Node on Heroku for getting me started on Heroku. Woohoo!


  • "#! image-url" : HelperBot will add an image tag with the image-url as the source. The url must end in gif, jpg, jpeg or png.
  • "#! cageme" : Provides a random picture of a cat with Nic Cage's face. For reasons.
  • SCRIPT-DEFENDER (passive) : prevents 'script' tags from being stored on the server. WARNING: script will execute to currently-watching users, but will be deleted almost immediately. Make sure you're refreshing your messages!