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A framework for smart contract verification in Coq
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A framework for smart contract verification in Coq

How to build

Our development works with Coq 8.9.1. and depends on MetaCoq 1.0~alpha+8.9 and the std++ library v.1.2.1. These dependencies can be installed through opam.

Install Coq (see for detailed instructions on how to manage multiple Coq installations using opam).:

opam install coq.8.9.1

Then MetaCoq:

opam repo add coq-released
opam install coq-metacoq.1.0~alpha+8.9

And std++:

opam repo add iris-dev
opam install coq-stdpp.1.2.1

After completing the procedures above, run make to build the development, and make html to build the documentation. The documentation will be located in the docs folder after make html.

Structure of the project

The embedding folder contains the development of the embedding. The execution folder contains the formalization of the smart contract execution layer, which allows reasoning about interacting contracts.

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