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Import RSS feed items into various Elgg content types
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RSS Import

Import RSS feed items into various Elgg content types


  • unzip the plugin to the mod directory of your elgg installation
  • enable the plugin through the administration interface
  • set allowable cron import schedules using the plugin settings

Usage: This plugin allows rss items to be imported into blogs, bookmarks, or pages either manually or on a set schedule. When adding a blog/bookmark/page or while viewing your own blogs/bookmarks/pages a new option will be presented in the side bar for 'Import'. Clicking it will lead to the feed creation form. The form is context-aware, so if you access it from your blogs it will be a blog-import, accessing from group pages will be a page-import for that group, etc.

Create a new feed by entering all of the data for the rss feed and save the new form.

A list of items in the feed will be presented. Items on the list can be imported by checking the checkbox beside each target item, and clicking 'import'. Additionally, if scheduled imports are enabled the items will automatically be imported on schedule.

If a list item should not be imported, it can be disabled using the link at the bottom of the item. If disabled, it will still be visible in the feed, but grayed out to indicate that it will not be imported. Disabled items can be re-enabled the same way.

On the side bar there will be a list of existing feeds for the given context. Feeds can be deleted by clicking the X, or navigated to by clicking the name.

On each import, whether manual or scheduled, the items are checked for duplication to reduce the risk of creating multiple identical entries. While this has been very good in testing, you should note that identical posts from different sources will get through.

Each import, whether manual or scheduled, is logged in a history. The history is accessible from the feed page via a link in the side bar. Each import can be rolled back by clicking the 'undo import' link in the history.

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