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Installation & Usage

Run python to install UpStage, and use upstage-admin command to create and manage UpStage server(s) after successful installation

root permission is probably required

Other options

  • python cc to compile client.swf (uses mtasc and swfmill)
  • python deb to generate .deb package


To uninstall UpStage from the system, execute script with appropriate permission


  • espeak
  • festival
  • gif2png
  • libgif4
  • netpbm
  • python-twisted 8.2.0 recommended
  • lame >= 3.97-0.0
  • libgdbmg >= 1.7.3-28
  • rsynth >= 2.0-6
  • mbrola >= 3.01h-6
  • swftools >= 0.9.0-0ubuntu1
  • python <= 2.5.2
  • pymad (NEW)

twisted: wget

swftools: wget

rsynth: wget

For Development

Important: Modify the following lines in server/src/upstage/ like so, and don't forget to modify it back for version releases

# Uncomment if installed using or deb pkg
# IMG2SWF_SCRIPT = '/usr/local/bin/'

# Uncomment below if use Ant for development

Use ant to compile/build/run (other targets are not tested yet)

Note: you need to install mtasc and swfmill to compile UpStage client

Ant Targets:

  • ant clean-start to build a new instance of UpStage and run it as a background process
  • ant start to start the built instance of UpStage as a background process
  • ant stop to stop the UpStage server instance running in the background
  • ant build to build UpStage, and build/ to run the server manually on default ports
  • ant run to build and run automatically
  • ant clean to clean build and temp directories
  • ant compile-swf to compile client swf files

For problems about the cross domain policy when running multiple server instances (the typical symptom is users cannot load stages), see comments about this.policyport variable in parseUrlVars() inside

AUT UpStage Team 2013

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