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UCO-LAEO database: annotated database for training and evaluating LAEO models
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UCO-LAEO: an annotated database for training and evaluating LAEO models

UCO-LAEO database


We use four popular TV shows: ‘Game of thrones’, ‘Mr Robot’, ‘Smallville’ and ‘The walking dead’. From these shows, we collect 129 (3-12 seconds long) shots and first annotate all the heads in each frame with bounding boxes, and then annotate each head pair as LAEO or not-LAEO.

If you use this dataset in your work, please, cite [1].


The videos and annotations are available at the following URL
To download the already extracted frames, use the following URL.

Alternatively, you can download and extract the videos, annotations and frames using:

curl | tar xz
curl | tar xz


The dataset contains 3 types of annotations:

  • Frame-level LAEO: is there any pair of people LAEO?
  • Head bounding-boxes: for each frame and each visible head, bouding boxes are provided.
  • Pair-level LAEO: for each frame, those pairs of heads that are LAEO are indicated.


After downloading the package containing the videos and annotations, within the code directory, run for a quick example.

Evaluation protocol

The file code/ contains information about the videos used for validation and testing at [1], the remaining ones were used for training.



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  title     = {{LAEO-Net}: revisiting people {Looking At Each Other} in videos},
  booktitle = CVPR,
  year      = {2019}


The initial version of this dataset was compiled by Rafael Fernandez during the development of his final project (IT degree) at the University of Cordoba.

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