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Docker image for Matrix


Please make sure to use our tagged docker images and not the latest one. Specifically in a production environment you should never use :latest as that the version can be broken.

Creating Issues and Pull request

We are working with the repository at "". If you want to open issues or create pull request, please use that repository.


We verify the docker layers of our image automaticly with clair. Matrix is not a part of the vulnerabilitie scan, which means clair will only find vulnerabilities that are part of the OS (operating system).


Dockerfile for installation of [] for [matrix] open federated Instant Messaging and VoIP communication server.


If you want contribute to this project feel free to fork this project, do your work in a branch and create a pull request.

To support this Dockerimage please pledge via liberapay.


For starting you need a mapping for the /data-directory with a file.

$ docker run -d -v /tmp/data:/data avhost/docker-matrix-riot

To configure some aspect of the service, this folder can also hold a config.json file. The riot-web "binary" will generated on every start of the service then.


-p 8765
-c 3500
--cert /data/fullchain.pem
--key /data/key.pem

build specific arguments

  • BV_VEC: version, optional, defaults to master