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@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ The project has been created and is actively maintained by [AVSystem](https://ww
* [Ubuntu 16.04 LTS](#ubuntu-1604-lts)
* [CentOS 7](#centos-7)
* [macOS Sierra with Homebrew](#macos-sierra-with-homebrewhttpsbrewsh)
* [Windows](#windows)
* [Running the demo client](#running-the-demo-client)
* [Detailed compilation guide](#detailed-compilation-guide)
* [License](#license)
@@ -69,6 +68,13 @@ The project has been created and is actively maintained by [AVSystem](https://ww
- OpenSSL
- tinydtls

- Supported platforms:
- any Unix-like operating system, such as Linux (including Android), mac OS and *BSD
- Microsoft Windows (preliminary support, see []( for details)
- any embedded platform (e.g. FreeRTOS, ThreadX) with lwIP networking stack
- porting is possible for any other platform that has ISO C99 compiler available, see [Porting guide for non-POSIX platforms]( for details
- preimplemented integration layer for ARM mbed OS is available commercially
- CoAP data formats:
- Opaque
@@ -141,10 +147,6 @@ brew install python3 openssl llvm
pip3 install cryptography sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme requests
#### Windows

Windows support is currently in a preliminary stage. See []( for details.

### Running the demo client
To compile Anjay demo client and connect it to a local LwM2M server listening on default 5683 port:

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